7 like hacks to save you time and money

As George Herbert say

Where there’s a will there’s a way

In this era, full of expensive stuff and un-affordability, in Pakistan we need to find hacks for us that would help us save our money and make things affordable for us, yet enjoy our lives!and the will to this need has been seen at many different areas of Pakistan. People have made things easier for themselves according to their way, and have given birth to hacks that nobody could think, but they did wink. These life hacks are also known as Jugaad (P.S Jugaad means a temporary solution done by easiest and available things possible)

I’ve listed 7 of them below and before you start reading it, know that you’re about to save yourself loads of money and time!

*Note: few of these hacks are just for fun and meant to be sarcastic.

1.Cheap and homemade mop.

floor mop - mop - cleaning mop .jpg

This hack is literally a pure Desi one, that has been followed by generations of generations of our Grandparents. Let me tell you, I’m going to mention it in the list of “Old is Gold”. Because, Why not?
Okay so, you may have been wondering what it really is? If you’re a Pakistani you must be familiar to this hack, already! Because we, at some stage of our life, have cried for our favorite shirt that our mother found, old enough, to clean home with it. Well! you have the idea about the hack now
face palm
Use a shirt or any old towel to clean off your floors. Instead of buying and spending your money on mops, take any of those shirts out that you don’t wear anymore and use them as a mop. Yes! You’ll save hundreds and have a lot of free mops at your home!

2.Save Petrol, Save Money.

petrol price today - pump - petrol station - new petrol prices.jpg

As the petrol rates have gone high and for many people it’s quite difficult to meet their monthly expenses because they need to spend money on petrol to travel on daily basis and I, for the solution, have a hack that would save a lot of your amount!
Buy yourself a Suzuki Mehran. Mehran has got low CC and consume less fuel as compared to other cars. It will save you more than 30% of the amount that you may be spending for petrol refill. Work on this hack and save your money wink Thank me later.

3.Cheapest and easiest way to bathe in warm water.

candle - warm wax - winter seasons - warm water.jpg

So, in winter, we all need warm water to take bath with. But, being a Pakistani, we all know hassle with gas shortage. Waiting for geyser to warm up the water or doing it on your own. And sometimes in hurry we need to switch off the senses to feel and bathe with cold water. Got chills, right?
Well this Jugaad is proposed by a Chemistry student, how could we never think of it?
Use candle.
This hack is quickest, easiest and cheapest way to bathe in peace! Stick a thick copper wire in to a candle and wrap the other end of it under and around the pipe of shower. Lit on the candle and enjoy your fresh warm shower!

4. Keep your Food safe

cooking - food - biryani.jpg

Okay so this hack comes into the list of food-saving hacks for foodies. Because, as a foodie myself I Never want anyone to have my food without my consent even if I have cooked it for an amount of numerous people! I still wouldn’t like anyone to eat it before me! (specially if it’s biryani) Feel me, right?
Use chain to lock down your cooking pot.
Take a chain and lock it from handle to handle tightly by bringing it from the center of handle of the lid. Keep the keys in your pocket, and you save your food successfully! Make sure you don’t lose the keys, though!

5. Make your own coffee holder.

coffee - lover - coffee holder.jpg

Do you have a car that doesn’t own a coffee holder?
So, I myself am a coffee lover and addict , I can understand the need of coffee holder existence in a car. Here’s this hack that some genius has invented.
Make your own coffee holder with Duct tape.
Buy a strong and good quality duct tape and stick it to dashboard, hang the circle of the tape and put your coffee in it. Enjoy your own coffee holder! Make sure you drive safe with it, because the tape may not be that strong! laughs

6.Repair your electronics just in a second!

laptop - ipad - iphone - samsung - television.jpg

We all face issues with our electronic gadgets for example Phone, Tablets, Laptop etc. There’s this single solution that helps in every kind of default for the electronics.
Slap It! Or Tap it on the floor! And Voila! It’s on.
Don’t believe me? Try it out yourself. You’ll never have to get it repaired.

7. Degree, Degree hoti hai, asli hou ya nakli.

(translation: it doesn’t if the degree is fake, It’s still a degree!)

bachelor degree .jpg

We all are familiar with the need of a degree for a suitable Job or a Rishta, and we strive all of our life trying to get that one piece of paper that decide our future.

Well this hack is life-saving believe me! Only if I knew before. sigh
CM Balochistan, Nawab Lashkari Raeesani quotedDegree, Degree hoti hai, asli hou ya nakli. This quote pretty much tells that we don’t have to spend our whole life to study rather we can get a fake degree because, Degree, Degree hoti hai, asli hou ya nakli. So why not live in peace? sigh


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