Makhad city

Do you ever think , heyyy I’d like to go to an ancient place like maybe the type of place in Aladdin movie. Or maybe I’d like to witness a place which would make for a good game scenario in its own prehistoric way, well yes, this is the right city for you.

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Location and co-ordinates:

Makhad is an ancient town in Attock District of northern Punjab Province in Pakistan. It is one of the last towns separating the Punjab from the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The boundary is marked by the fast-flowing Indus River.

original name: Makhad
geographical location: Attock, Punjab, Pakistan, Asia
geographical coordinates: 33° 8’ 0” North, 71° 44’ 0” East

The River and Greenery:

Fast flowing Indus river, would be one of its key features. The river is not only a beautiful sight, but the flowing water is a calming sight and watching the whole scenery you feel at peace.

Indus river-min.jpg--

The interesting thing about this Indus River is at one corner is Punjab and the other side is KPK. so ta-da. You can say you travelled between provinces in a few minutes, if your going by boat.


But in the recent time, the boats barely give you a small trip in the river, let alone take you across. Due to the drowning of children on that exact place, restrictions have been put forward to avoid anything similar.


So you might not be able to swim or play in the indus river like you expected but the view itself is overwhelming. That makes me want to go to old times where rivers and large natural water bodies were the only means of learning swimming for the people there.

indus river sideview-min.jpg

Beside the wide indus river, there are many small caves and rocky area.


Before going down the road or path which leads to the river, you can encounter an early age building which seems like a Mandir, some kind of a temple.



It has carvings and art on it, and it is merely a small room with 4 pillars for walls, along with the classical art on the walls, you can also see different graffiti done by the people.

river side area-min.jpg


Subsidiary to the river, there are many small streams branching out from the vast river, some of these having chill water which is fun to play in.

On the KPK side of the river, Kohat is located andnatur you can observe a lot of greenery. The area filled with trees and bushes which make it seem like a forest. There is a narrow pathway in between and walking through that pathway, you might get the feeling that your in a mini version of heaven somehow.
Going ahead, there are also a few gardens throughout which trenching on a small scale is observed.

kohat side2-min.jpg

kohat side-min.jpg

So yes, all that greenery and resting under a fruitful tree will fulfill all your quench for a good summer picnic and leave you in awe, because nature really is full of surprises and beauty at its best.


Well I think the river and the scenery and all the greenery has stolen much of our attention so far. Maybe we should get back to the actual Makhad and focus on the city and its people.

The City and the Vibes:

Well, apart from the arrival of water supply, and electricity, there hasn’t been much development in the city. I mean you’d think that’s a minus point, but honestly, if you visit that city you will surely feel like your witnessing history itself.


So yeah, surprisingly it’s a plus point because it becomes more fascinating just because it hasn’t been altered much and all the homes are as ancient as the city. There are no high rise buildings in the city, not as far as my eye could witness.


Going through the city, there’s a Bazaar, and yes that’s the most appropriate term, its basically like people having stalls and selling different things including pottery, toys, food and much more.

It’s beautiful, just walking through that Bazaar and it gives you such exciting vibes, and you’re bound to buy something, especially if you’re a total fan of sand utensils like me. They are just so pretty and resisting the urge to buy one of it was impossible for me.

The homes located at the sides of the narrow streets with a drainage passage in the middle, are not too high. The home we visited had a low ceiling and it became a necessity to bend our heads in fear of getting hair trimmed by the fan.


the streets-min.jpg

But the homes gave all the cute and pretty vibes one could expect, and it actually seemed like something out of a movie. Small windows and balconies were also a common feature.



The people encountered by our group, all seemed nice and kind people, and they were helpful in case we needed anything.

Tourist spot:

Well, I hope that this review, at the least helps you get a better understanding of this ancient city and furthermore, it convinces you to visit this ancient yet magnificent city. And if you visit the houses, you might find your trip even more intriguing.


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