Shellby's collar (Chapter 1)


Jungkook’s Pov:

(Save Me piano version playing in the background)

Door bangs open,”Yooooooongi!!!”, She screamed on the top of her lungs making her pant unendingly after-wards, till she finally caught her breath to say the rest of her words, which, as it seemed, she was way too impatient to sputter out. “Where is yoongi!!!?? Where is that slithering sneaky bastard!!?”, she kept screaming continuously at me but I was too busy with my constant thirst to tap each tile to keep the beautiful melody going, so I didn’t even spare her a glance till- “meow~”, a low pitch meow, a familiar meow, and so my fingers broke the melody, and I looked up at her cat Shellby whom she was holding out in front of my face. Once again, instead of noticing the missing collar, I was busy looking at the kawaii(cute) neko’s(cat’s) face which had a bit of uneasiness in her eyes, but it wasn’t enough for her to hesitate as she wasn’t trying to break free from jihyun’s tight grip, as if She had given up on life itself, maybe she missed her cat-collar. “you know,you shouldn’t treat animals that w-“,”ANSWER ME ALREADY!”, she interrupted me badly. Finally, putting Shellby’s discomfort before anything else I told her what she wanted to know, to get it over with quickly, “He’s in the library”, but she left before I even completed. Treating Shellby like she’s some kind of swag, especially when she has a cute meow, just what a rude yohja(woman). at this rate, maybe she’ll never find that precious collar of shellby. well, she should be able to find yoongi though with some luck. Hmm… maybe I’ll compose a song, about the neko(cat). Lately, it feels like I’m the only one without a pet. Considering how V-hyung(big brother) has yeontan, I want one too!.

To be continued…

Chapter 2


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    Oct. 18, 2019

    this is actually nice !!

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