Achievement Unlocked; Friendzone

Twitter is known as that media which can set trend in seconds and you’ll see numerous people hoping in and tweeting about it, then comes memers which spice up the trend and eventually the trend becomes the meme of the month and so-forth. Just like this a hilarious series of tweets and memes has made a trend of twitter #usman after a girl posted this on her twitter.

Some mentionable memes are

Why need foodpanda when you have…

While hummart is contemplating if they should start their branch outside Karachi or not… we have a new hero in amidst

Well, we should thank usman for contributing in the flow of cash in local market amirite xD

But guys, don’t take joke too far okay!

How could we skip hotline bling meme on this hot topic

In the amidst of all this, someone just casually dragged in Usman Buzdar whist throwing shades at e-shopping and we ain’t even angry

Last but not least, the irony


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    Oct. 20, 2019

    An enjoyable ride :3

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