Are Birthdays actually special?

Each year a lot of people that make up our peer circle, have their birthdays. People these days, as years have passed have started celebrating birthdays more and more. It’s no doubt, that the birthday of someone close to you is a special occasion worth celebrating.

What people don’t understand, is that birthdays, are just another normal day. In fact, for some people they might even be an excuse to be sad. Birthdays don’t just automatically become a special day just because you have your birthday that day.

Personally, I don’t really feel like its a special day if its my birthday, and what I want, is to spend it like a normal day, or if anything else, work hard or sleep all day. So if you think that way, birthdays really do become like your any other normal day of the year.


Now, what makes birthdays special, is the people around you. If you are surrounded by people who actually care about you, could be friends and family, the way in which they make a bigger fuss about it more then you yourself do, is what makes it special.


I mean I don’t really feel much when its my birthday, but when its my best friend’s or any of my close friends, somehow I seem to get overly excited about it, even more than them. One of its special features is that it occurs only once a year. Like, one day out of three-sixty five days.

So It becomes exciting when you wish your friends by calling him/her at 12 am, and planning some big surprise for them, using that day as an excuse to have a long hangout with them. In actuality, that’s what makes your b-day special.

it can also be special if you think its special

Though sometimes, It doesn’t have to be all about hanging out with friends and family, it can also be special if you think its special, and use that day to spend some quality time with yourself, or do whatever you want to do, which could be anything at all.

So, If its your birthday coming up, make sure you believe its special and spend it in a memorial way instead of it being a normal day, by doing what is your definition of having a leisure time or whatever pleases you.



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