Bail granted as Nawaz Sharif's health deteriorates further

Islamabad high court (IHC) granted bail to former PM Nawaz Sharif as this health declines further. This is not the first time Nawaz Sharif’s health became critical as it is reported that he previously had heart attack while being in jail and was suffering from low platelet count for quite some time.

Plea from PML-N

PML-N kept pleading to let Nawaz Sharif admit in hospital and have a proper check-up, further Shehbaz Sharif attached 11 member board’s special medical report along with plea so that former PM Nawaz Sharif could get a proper check-up and treatment taking his declining health into consideration.

IHC decision

PML-N plea was taken into consideration by IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah and Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kiyan.

In today’s hearing, IHC court has granted Nawaz Sharif bail till Tuesday against two bail bonds (Rs. 2 Million).

Government and NAB’s response

IHC court announced during hearing that,

If government opposes Nawaz Sharif’s bail plea then court will dismiss the decision


During this time, if anything happens to Nawaz Sharif then NAB and government will be held responsible for it.

IHC asked this of NAB and government because IHC claims that government is pushing this matter on court’s jurisdiction.

NAB claims that the authority has no objection on Nawaz Sharif’s bail decision by IHC.


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