Beauty of art

Art is something really extensive. It has a very braod meaning. Anything that can’t be explained through science is art. Anything in-explicable, yet something we just feel is art. That is the true beauty of art. We can’t put it into words but we know it is present and how eccentric it is. Beauty and art are quite similar.

Art is an Explosion -Deidara

We are all artists in our own ways. In our little worlds, we are doing some kind of art. whether we are atists in making coffee or biryani, or whether we are artists in making good sketches, or whether its giving foot massages.. Its all a form of art. Its the work of a good artist, it can’t be compared because it has its own vibrance. no-one really knows what gives that art its own style, but we can all quite feel it. Hence the artist becomes special if that work has a really good ring to it which people enjoy observing. It is a chill beauty we experience.


Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.

Sometimes, some days… When you’re feeling stressed due to various reasons, you feel like you’d like to put in some effort into something. Do something with your hands. Create spmething, design something, produce something. Put in some work into creating something, maybe a sketch, anything. It is proof, that you’re not stuck in the same boring place, it’s proof that you’re alive, capable of imagination. And sometimes you open your sketch-book, look at your work and think ‘at least I tried’, It makes you feel better.
And that moment, when you look at your colorful hands, or grey hands, all due to the painting or due to the pencil you used, it gives you a feeling of triumph, of succeeding, it gives you this satisfaction, ‘that’ feeling is what i love. Maybe this is what true beauty feels like.


For me, I do it as a change of pace. To remind myself that I’m capable of doing something. To break free of my routine and do something in which the more detailing you do, the better it works out. I like doing that once in a while, it’s refreshing. And so, that’s why i enjoy my alone time as well. Sitting in my room and sketching is something I’d rather do than hang out with people, sometimes. Its refreshing and provides me with peace of mind.

Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness


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