Centaurus mall a good tourism spot

As a Pakistani most people know about the ‘Centaurus’ mall. Even if you don’t, I’ll tell you. Basically, its just a very fancy looking expensive multi-purpose mall. Good for stuff like hanging out with your friends and a lot of other stuff I’ll be mentioning soon.

Its located in Islamabad, sector F-8 Jinnah avenue. Its mainly a shopping mall and consists of all kinds of shops of clothing, jewelry and different accessories. It has a lot of food outlets too. It has a movie theater, and lastly it has a fun city too which has different games.


If we talk about the good features of this mall, those would be that its well maintained and posh. It has all kinds of food outlets from Pizza hut, howdys, McDonald and Optp. Plus it has nice dine-in places everywhere so it can accommodate a lot of people. So you can buy anything to eat and eat it there, if you have a moderate budget.


Some other features are that it has a lot of elevators, and also glass elevators, and it also has escalators in the middle of each of the three buildings. Due to these commodities, the mall becomes very nice and fun to explore.


Though the mall has all kinds of shops, branded ones like khaadi, J. and so on and normal ones too. It has also salons and miniso outlet has opened there recently too. But practically, the stuff there is very expensive for any normal citizen to buy. But rich people are always there to be the exceptions.

The movie theater in Centaurus is one of the good ones in Islamabad. It has 2D and 3D movies both available. There are also discounts available on movie tickets, but only on certain timings and days. Customers are only supposed to buy popcorn and snacks and drinks from the movie theater food outlet. Different rooms are allocated for different types of movies.

Centaurus mall fun land is located at the corner of the mall and is one of the really great indoor amusement park of Islamabad. It has different fun stuff to do. You require a fun city card to enjoy the features of the fun city. And you need to charge credit on that card.

It has different arcade games which run on that card, you need to swipe it in the machine and you can play whichever games you want, only if you have enough credit in your card. And it also has virtual games.

It even has cable cars. Which you can have fun on. Even a basketball game where you have the chance to do buckets and win tickets. Using those tickets you can also buy stuff from a shop located there. Even though for that you need a lot of tickets.

It also has an attraction ride. It is really fun and a must try thing to do. It is the ride where you wear belts and that round thing goes up slowly and drops suddenly making people scream out of joy, a must try of course, unless your scared of heights.

Overall Centaurus mall is a very fun place. Personally, I go there to hang out with my friend, or watch a movie, or play some games, or simply when I feel like going outdoor and looking at people enjoy life. Its a very beautiful mall.


Recently, they imposed a 500Rs ticket, which was initially 300Rs, on single men. Its to avoid crowding and create a family atmosphere. Sad for Pindi boys.

Well, the big and attractive building seems beautiful. But they put a big poster on it at times, to advertise things like zong 4g, or dew, so we are forced to see that ad, because from the size of it you can spot it even from a long distance. Not a bad use for a large and tall building though. way to go Pakistan.


Well generally, If your looking for to have a fun time or do some shopping here and there, of any kind of things or books, or you simple want to have dinner outside, or even watch a movie, have some fun, I would highly recommend you visit the Centaurus mall if you visit Islamabad or live there. It’s a magical experience and you will most likely have a fun time.



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