Clair de lune?

Kate! Kate?

I finished my work by typing enter for the last time and turned towards my yelling friend with half annoyed, half tired expression. Ugh! what is it this time? I squinted my sore eyes and sighed.

Julie! for the last time I’m not interested in any sale or shoppi-

Julie interrupted my pleading as she sat besides me.

No no! its not about shopping....

I sighed heavily as I know if it isn’t shopping then its about boys and I honestly I’m never in a mood to discuss either one of these topics but as if I have a choice....

…so there is this new cafe …

Oh! So now she is into some waiter.....
I bet it was love at first site blah blah. I sighed again as I rolled my eyes causing Julie to stop talking and pinching me as she scooted closer.

Kate! I swear if you sigh one more time I’ll hit you!

She glared at me and I have no choice left but to surrender. Fine! She wins as always…let’s see what all this fuss is about!

So…like I was saying there is this new cafe called ‘Min cafe’ and gurl you just gotta check it out!!

And why is that? Oh! Perhaps they are buying every customer’s annoying friend for free?

My sarcastically exciting comment earned me a smack on head but hey! it was worth it.

Would you let me finish? jeez! So, I was saying this cafe might not attract you at first site but… they actually have a handsome who plays piano for customers!!

She almost shrieked as she further invaded my personal space.

Can you believe it!?

I quickly glance at my watch and sighed heavily. I really wish to sleep though! But she was waiting for a reaction. And a quite positively, agreeing one!

I exclaimed yay piano! in a sarcastic tone as I signed few files which made Julie roll her eyes.

Come on Kate! I thought you love piano. Please! pretty please!! Just this once. I know you are forever tired and sleepy but please… you are like… my only friend!

I am your only friend....I still can’t believe it though.

Julie pulled me up from my comfy chair and suggested to fix my make up before we head out.

Okay! okay!! I’m going....

I reluctantly walked towards restroom while slightly shivering. God! It has gotten cold!! And I’m forced to visit this cafe now…sigh I just want to go home and sleep for a little while.

I stood in front of mirror , trying to fix make up but come on! Even with make up anyone can tell I really need some sleep and not a piano concert! But piano huh....

It true that I love piano....not like I want to play it or too much into classical music but....piano tunes just enchants me.

My phone is heavily occupied with piano versions of favorite songs along with a few classical piece but that’s it!

I never really tried to attend any piano concert or whatsoever…
I kept thinking about this or that but all of a sudden Julie’s voice snapped me back into reality.

Hey Kate! I’m outside! With your coat!! Come on dude!

I chuckled as I grabbed my bag before getting out and hugged Julie.

Have I ever told you that I love you!

Julie sighed as she hugged me back.

Yeah yeah! I know you do. Now hurry up and wear this coat.... damn its freezing!

We both are good friends for as long as I can remember. Going to same school, living in same neighborhood, graduating and now even colleagues.

Because of Julie I often enjoy random shopping and picnics other wise I just lay around all weekend and bore myself to sleep.

We started walking on soft snowy sidewalks , bumping with each other and randomly commenting about different things.

Surprisingly the cafe was quite near to our office which made me glad that I’m saved from some long walk in this chilly weather.

Hey Kate! Are you even listening?

Julie complained as she pouted.

Yeah yeah! So you actually got 50% discount on this bag.... Wow! so smart of you!!

I sighed again and shook my head while chuckling.

Ugh! I’m gonna hit you so hard you won’t be able to spell sarcasm!!

Julie bumped into me jokingly and before I knew it we were standing in front of a cafe.

It sure isn’t dazzling but....something about it gives cozy vibe.

Min cafe huh? I might actually like it!

I mumbled as I stood in front of it.

Hey Kate!! what are you waiting for? Let’s go go go! its freezing!!

Julie shivered a bit and I smiled while nodding.

Yeah okay! let’s checkout that handsome because of who, I’m unable to go home.

The interior seemed rather simple but interesting and damn it was packed with girls. I rolled my eyes as I scooted closer to Julie.

Fans of his, huh?

Haha yeah! and you’ll be one of us soon…he he he

Julie acted as some creepy storyteller and I swallowed hard , continuing the act.

I’m scared.....

Which caused us both to laugh out louder than expected.

Julie asked me to stay put until she returns with coffee.

sigh Okay mom!

Good girl!!

She patted my head while chuckling and soon after sat besides me while placing coffee mugs on table.

I sipped coffee and I have to admit! Its quite tasty.

5 points to Gryffindor

My humorous response again made Julie laugh out loud and let’s just say my humor never failed me once! But all of a sudden Julie became serious.

shh shh… its almost time!

I tilted my head as I glanced at his audience. Why it seems like some religious ritual is about to start…

I bet he is all looks and no talent!

My sarcastic comment didn’t earn me a single response as Julie was too indulged to comment back.

All of a sudden a guy appeared on the stage setup in front of all customers…
Small stature.... Soft features …and creamy skin which matched perfectly with his ginger hair and a rather exquisite attire…wearing milky white T-shirt and brown jeans....his every feature complementing his very existence…

He gave a gummy smile to the crowd but soon after wore a serious expression as he sat on chair.

He stroked the piano keys with same expressions and a melodious aura enchanted the crowd.


Clair de lune? I mumbled as I stared at his piercing gaze focused on piano. (Clair de lune; Piano piece by Claude Debussy.)

yes yes! that’s the piece name.

Julie mumbled but I wasn’t talking about that… I was talking about that guy who sat in the spot light with his milky white skin radiating like the full moon at night....

His existence it self is moon and his performance is like moonlight enchanting all the audience…
Clair de lune ....
How ironic....

His expressions become more and more mesmerizing as if he was slowly getting indulged in the tune....a moon indulging in moonlight…
The very sight was so enchanting that not a single soul was even whispering…

The silence was so strangely relaxing that I couldn’t complain about it.

Shortly after, the performance ended but I felt a bit empty like what?.... that’s it?… I want to hear more.....I felt enchanted by a never breaking spell and wow! was the only word I could exclaim.

Julie grinned as she whispered I told you so! loud enough to make me realize that she was indeed right! but I was too enchanted to comment back.

The man stood in front of crowd with quite indifferent expression and thanked the crowd by bowing but all of a sudden I noticed a change in his expression , just for a split of a second , as if his heart skipped a beat.

I glanced at the crowd to find the reason for this sudden change and saw a beautiful woman with long black hair, tender skin wearing all blue entering the cafe. It seems as if she was radiating some kind of addicting aura....

I kept stealing glances at the man and then quickly peeking at the girl who soon after sat in front of a rather handsome guy who I just noticed.

His bunny smile made her blush and at the same time I saw the man on the stage sighing and biting his lips before he bowed one last time and got off the little stage.

I felt a bit strange… not sure what to feel about this all…but I kind of realized that I may have been the only one who noticed this sudden friction.

My eyes softened as I glanced at him and sighed before mumbling.

So, Love’s sorrow…. Huh? (Love’s sorrow; Piano piece by Fritz Kreisler.)

What? Kate, did you say something?

Julie asked as she grabbed her bag.

Ah nothing… let’s go…

I mumbled as I finished the last sip of coffee. Farewell....

A/n: Yes its the same author; I thought about making blogs of all my stories.
Regards Sadist King


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    Oct. 18, 2019

    There are so many typos and grammar mistakes but aside from that its not that bad (actually its THATTT bad!!!)

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    Oct. 20, 2019

    Omg, this was so girly nd cute... I loved the pace nd ur style suits this piece very well. Thankyou for sharinng your work.

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