Code Geass

Code Geass- Lelouch of the rebellion

Being an otaku(Anime-fan), I’ve seen a lot of anime, about a hundred. But some of my favorite choices never change no matter how many recently released anime I watch, because the current anime, most of them, can never be on the level of some of the great classics like Code Geass.

Code Geass is one of the great all time anime I watched, and in my opinion, none of the other anime can match its level, except Death note maybe. Because Code Geass is somewhat similar to death note, if we exclude the mecha part.

The story revolves around the main character Lelouch. He is an exiled Prince who is living a normal and boring life in Japan, Its the time when Britain has taken over Japan and named it as Area Eleven. It is through their greatest weapon knightmare frame.


Lelouch is a brilliant guy, and one day he encounters a woman C.C(pronounced as C2). She grants him a mysterious power, the power of obedience, its called Geass.


Ever since Lelouch obtains the geass, His life changes drastically, He decides to use that power to launch a rebellion against the British empire. The natives of Japan, who are already furious on being stripped of their rights, stand up with him and soon he has an organization.

The story of Code Geass has a lot of events occurring in the city of Japan or area 11 called Tokyo settlement. which keep the viewers interested and thrilled, including drama, mechatronics and action at its best. Lelouch is the mega mind in all of this, and He treats everyone else as pawns in his grand schemes.


One of the intriguing things in this anime is the cool mask Lelouch hides behind, using the code name zero. He becomes very famous soon with the name ‘zero’.


Some of the characters include Suzaku, who is Lelouch’s childhood friend but turns against him later on, Kallen, a major supporter of Zero, Lelouch’s classmate, and one of the hottest girls in the anime. Then there’s Shirley who has a crush on Lelouch and many other characters.



Not only the whole anime is very interesting, the opening song by Flow(one of my favorite j pop bands) is very catchy too. The other openings, each of them with their own various vibes also enhance the anime’s eccentricity.

The anime has two seasons, Code Geass Lelouch of the rebellion R1 and R2, 25 episodes in each season, hence a total of 50 episodes make up the anime.


I would really recommend this anime to everyone, It will get you hooked and keep you occupied and thrilled for as long as it lasts..



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