COMSATS Student died; negligible administration strikes again

–Another student died to negligence and incompetency of administration yet government didn’t take any strong action against such brutalities. After Hafiz Hunain Bilal, this is the second incidence where rigidity and incompetency of administration has taken away another precious life.

According to student body, Inam (BBA 2nd semester) suffered a sudden heart attack. His friends requested to take him to hospital in hopes to save their friend yet COMPSATS administration refused to bring in private car to take Inamul Haq to hospital.

Furthermore, not only the university ambulance wasn’t available but no first aid was given to Inam. His friends requested to call in ambulance but COMPSATS administration didn’t allow ambulance to enter university’s premises. Inam died after suffering for about half an hour. Rigid administration policies caused Inam to die such a painful death yet again there is no one to punish such inhumane behavior.

Inam’s friends alongside all COMPSATS’ student body protested


and asked their teachers to protest with them in front lines so that at least justice should be served.Protesting students requested that Inam’s family should be compensated and ineligible staff should be dismissed.

The hour of need is that government should take stand and dissolve this matter with justice. Government should understand the gravity of this matter as it can’t be left to be dealt by hot blood youth.


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