Dajjal is trending?

Decade is ending and the least everyone expected is Dajjal trending on twitter! Yes, you read it right and that’s not the end of it so grab on to your janamaz and start reciting Surat Al-Kahf as this is not a drill y’all! Basically a Netflix series trailer has come up with the title “Messiah” created by “Michael Petroni”

The cast for show reveals the characters along side actors and the irony is that they are casting a person named “Mehdi Dehbi” as anti-Christ.


This whole situation has thrown twitter in jeopardy, specially Muslims, who are concerned about the outcome of this show. Is this a way to normalize Dajjal? Creating sympathy for him? Who knows!

As it is quoted in trailer

He is leading desperate people
He could be creating an army… or he could be leading them to their death.

and in following scenes we see a man thanked “Messiah” for saving his daughter

He saved my daughter’s life.

Some tweets from concerned Muslims

Dajjal isn’t the first one!

Well this isn’t the first time… Netflix series “Lucifer” also has a story that almost have succeeded not only in normalizing Lucifer but also has created sympathy for him along the lines and with this new series… God knows what will happen. Share your thoughts with us about this new Netflix series!



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