I picked my hands free, my cell phone, my wallet and… Ah, yeah! an umbrella.
Weather seems shaky… So, yup! Not gonna take any chances.

I tried to cover my face completely with a mask and cap in an attempt to remain anonymous but it never really works doesn’t it?

I know for sure that I’ll be stopped by many people on my way… Asking for autograph, pictures…
I’ll see videos and pics of myself posted by many fans… How they accidentally bumped into me and all.

It’s not like I dislike it…
How should I say it?
It’s ridiculous really! How I wanted all eyes on me, but now that I finally achieved this dream… I’m somewhat scared.

Those eyes, everyone of them, depicting a unique emotion.
Emotion of love, adoration, lust, judgmental, envious, hatred…
All these different emotions… They scare me to the point that I really want to run away!

But I’m trapped !
Trapped by my passion, by my field, by my friends, by my family, by my fans…
Is it really what I wanted?

All of a sudden someone shouted, which really startled me!

Someone: “oppa!!~ please take a picture with me!”

“Ah… yeah sure.”

Their eyes…gleaming with love and adoration.
So cute!
I smiled as widely as I could… Ah, it must looked forced though.

Someone: “oppa!~ I love you !”

“Ah…yeah, me too! Be safe on your way back home!”

I smiled widely and waved at them.
I looked up and sighed.
It’s really gonna rain…
I should better head back.

I scratched my head and started running with a smile.
Because right now I’m gonna meet those eyes!
The one that hush away all these emotions....all this… sense… of being afraid all these worries…

As I stepped in the building I was barraged with questions.

“Yah, Jungkook?”

“Kookie, where were you?”

“Yah, maknae! have you seen the time?”

“Hey! wanna practice some new moves ?”

“Wanna play some game?”

“Jungkook, don’t stay up too late, okay?”

“Welcome back!”

Yup these eyes… They make me want to never give up.

“I’m home !”


A/n: Yes its the same author; I thought about making blogs of all my stories.
Regards Sadist King


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    Oct. 22, 2019

    This edit is so pretty . Loved the way the author captured the authenticity . 10/10

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