What is Happiness? Ofcourse, I’m aware that the definition of Happiness is “A sense of wellbeing, joy or contentment”. So basically, a person who is fulfilled or satisfied with his or her life is ‘happy’. So Happiness includes all positive and pleasant emotions. Happiness is ofcourse relative. That means for different people, it is different. Because what makes one happy, varies in each case.

I asked a friend “What is Happiness for you?”“
He said,”I don’t know, don’t ask hard quesitons”.
That only means some people dont realize ‘what’ it is exactly, that’s making them happy. I am one of those people too, I have felt happiness but haven’t been able to tell exactly what it is that’s making me happy or made me happy in the past. And so it piques my interest.

in order to figure out true happiness, maybe I’ll start with the things that make me feel contented. Well that’s alot though. For the minor stuff,It really feels nice to help people, feels nice if I’m of service to others, hanging out with people feels nice too at times, working for something and achieving it feels nice too, having more skills and being able to do different things feels nice as well, well there are just too many things that make me feel joyous.
But for the most part, I believe peace and Happiness are greatly linked. Peace of mind and a stable soul, is indeed what helps us in feeling better and hence we feel happy and fulfilled.

Peace of mind, in my opinion, would be satisfaction through knowing that you try to do the right thing. Sure you make mistakes, you aren’t always right but you correct your mistakes and learn from them. You accept your past to a great extent and have no regrets, and you realize that all of it got you where you’re now, all while being grateful for and fulfilled with what you have. It helps you realize the true worth of it all, which is beautiful and so, you become confident to face the future too. And SO this is what I call ‘peace of mind’.true stability inside you’re head, which fills you with niche in the back of your mind.
Ofcourse though, It doesn’t mean you feel that way all the time. Humans feel variety of emotions, feelings and sensations. But if you get a safe dosage of ‘peace of mind’every once in a while, to the point it becomes a consistent part of your life, then i believe a person can be said to be happy.

But as always, all of it lies within YOU

There’s still the fact that Happiness is different for different people. For some people happiness is praying to God and having a good family. for some people like me, happiness is having a peaceful state of mind, where you can have fun without worrying about the un-necessarily bothersome things in your life.
For me, Happiness is acceptance and a carefree Lifestyle, where I can do the things I want withh less worries, focus on having fun and spending time that way, moving forward. Enjoyment(a concentrated form) and peace of mind, together are my happiness. In the end, It’s what I live for.
Hope this helped y’all understand happiness better.


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    Oct. 14, 2019

    Its amazing. Pls keep on doing it .❤

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