I always type Huskies on google and I’m frequently looking at cute dog pictures. Its because they’re just the most adorable and cutest little things on earth. If you disagree, go watch some pictures right now and tell me they’re not, but you can’t cause they are! Everything about huskies is in style, the way they play, the way they bark, the way they smile, actually, huskies are the style.


Siberian huskies are the most common husky breed and some of their basic traits are that they’re alert,gentle, friendly, intelligent and out going. Huskies were and are commonly used for sled pulling in northern areas. Only because they’re very strong and are bred to go on without much food.


Well let me tell you, if you are someone like me, someone who constantly feels the need to put their effort into something and feel nice about it, someone who likes to have something in their life which sucks energy out of them, and makes them do something, well, yeah, get a husky.

Huskies are playful and they need constant out door walks and they need their time of adventure and exploration. As their owner, it becomes your responsibility to take care of your pet husky. That means be ready to be an outgoing person. Because huskies means regular walks. If you don’t let them play and have their fun, huskies can have built up energy and might even become aggressive.


And then, huskies have to be confined. Because they’re soo good at running away. Make sure you have a well-confined place before you get a husky. Huskies have a natural instinct for exploring and wandering and they can easily jump over an average fence.

Huskies look cute and make adorable pets only with the right care. Huskies are naturally adapted to living in cold climates like arctic, hence they’re suited to living in cold climates. And because of that they have double coats of fur. This double coat means fur and fur. If you’re getting a husky be prepared for daily brushing unless you want to sink a big pile of fur.


They have inner coat for insulating and keeping them warm, and a lighter top coat too. So even though it may not seem like it, but they ain’t just puffy, they have the loads of fur they may seem like they have.

Also huskies are stranger friendly, they’re generally friendly. so don’t think about a husky guarding your house in any way. they’re friendly with kids too.

Huskies are really intelligent but they’re free-willed at the same time. You can’t expect them to be completely obedient to you, hence training huskies can be a bit hard at times. in fact they can be stubborn at times. But with the right amount of care and affection, they will surely make loyal companions.


They also drool a lot. So as you can see, their health grooming is a challenge in itself. They need a lot of care and grooming. I mean you can’t just get a big cute playful pet just by laying on your couch all day. So It may seem like a lot of work, not just huskies though, but in general having pets is a commitment. A commitment because it’s something you can’t resign from once you sign up for it.

There is an animal completely dependent on you for all its needs, you can’t take a day off from their care, or expect a break, and in case of huskies, their daily care can be a lot of work without days off. Hence if you actually think you can handle that, only then you should opt for a dog breed like Siberian huskies.

But I assure you, if you do make that decision, it’ll be worth your while, and you will surely experience a sweet part of life with your adorable companion. And it will surely keep you occupied and won’t let you dwell over the worries of your life.

When you have a pet in your life, things start becoming simple… you start setting your routine according to them, you become this responsible person, and I think its really beautiful how pets can help you so very much in improving yourself only if you care for them.

So I wish good-luck to those who are planning to get a husky and enjoy their life.


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