Jahangir restaurant Islamabad

It was 14th August, the Independence day of Pakistan. There were quite a lot of crowds in Islamabad and people with loud music and flags on their vehicles. Me and my family as suggested by our mom, had decided to go out for dinner which seems quite reasonable considering the event and that it was a special day in the history of our country.

My sister searched different places on the internet for a good restaurant, but without much luck. The food in Islamabad isn’t really as good as it is in other cities of Pakistan though. Our dad suggested we go to blue area, and so we booked a cab and went there. There were a lot of people who had came out of their houses that day to enjoy their time outside among the big crowds and see the fireworks too.

As we arrived in Blue area, there was a big crowd on almost all places. and we stood there looking for some restaurant to order food at. Our dad suggested we go to ‘Jahangir restaurant’, He said it was a good place.

Its precisely located at 64/E, Masco Plaza, Blue Area, Islamabad. Its not that hard to find due to its big lightened sign above.

We entered the place, it was crowded but we managed to find a table and seated ourselves there. The place was nice, not much spacious but it still seemed nice and hygienic. right before we had seated, one of the waiters had replaced the table cloth with a clean one. Within a few minutes the waiter appeared and handed out two menus to us.

We went through the menu checking the prices of our favorite dishes. The prices seemed reasonable to me. But we were 6 family members. My sister spotted a deal for four people. It had a dish of rice, a small bowl of karahi gosht, barbecue chicken pieces and fried fish pieces, a few seekh kababs and kheer.

We ordered the food and waited patiently. In the meantime we were all busy talking with each other discussing different things. Being lectured by our parents and hearing more of those life lessons Asian parents like to tell their kids. It took a bit longer than I expected but at long last our food had arrived and it looked delicious, along with hot rotiyan, it tasted as delicious as it looked.

All of us took our time eating the food, and we ate till our stomachs were full. It was a three people deal but all six of us together barely finished it. There were still left over rice. That was deal costed about 1500Rs which so very reasonable if you ask me.

It was a pretty good restaurant, with delicious food, and reasonable prices. What else could we have asked for, it was pretty nice. And the place was good too.

If you ever get the opportunity and you are in Islamabad, I would highly recommend this place as a good dine-in for food. The place offers a good mix of Pakistani cuisine. They don’t have booming business just like that after all.


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