Khewra Salt mine

Khewra salt mine, if your a Pakistani, you’ve most probably heard of this place, and if your somewhat of an adventurer, it is likely you’ve already been to this place too. It is indeed one of the most attractive tourist spot of Pakistan after all.

Khewra salt mine (or Mayo Salt Mine) is located in Khewra, north of Pind Dadan Khan, an administrative subdivision of Jhelum District, Punjab Region, Pakistan. It is a must visit tourist spot too.I’ve visited this place too, through a second miracle, a college trip again. Well yes college trips are fun and It was a memorable experience once more, as it was my second or last year of college, and I thought I can’t miss this no matter what.

I was with my best friend again, and the college had arranged buses and transport and food too, of course, only after taking payment from us. The food included biryani, and salad and drink. So we arrived at that place, took us about an hour and a half. We had all kinds of talks, gossips, jamming to beats in the bus and since I studied in an all girls college, it was all girls and the atmosphere was even more girly than I expected. So I just sat next to my best friend.


We got there and the place and the view seemed amazing and beautiful indeed. It was a wide mountainous area, and as soon as we got out of the buses I noticed a horse and a camel. I got so excited because I’m absolutely a fan of horse-riding but our teachers didn’t let us saying we have to go up for now and that you can get these once you return from your tour.



Though even at the end of the tour they didn’t let us due to shortage of time, all thanks to our rude Vice principle who had also tagged along on the trip. We went up to an open cafe which had a lot of tables and chairs, and ate our food, enjoying the view. I saw many other people there too, so I concluded it really is a crowdy tourist spot, no doubt. I had my bestie’s DSLR, So I took different pictures of the place. Except it was on landscape mode and most of them got blurred. But at least I tried.


After some time, we walked to the big mountain in front of us, which had the actual mine. I can’t help but mention that it was a really beautiful view and the whole place was so refreshing and green and natural. It feels like you’re getting a glimpse of one bit of heaven maybe when you visit pretty places.



We walked to the mountain or what you call the cave, but I saw some goats on the way too, which were grazing on the mountainous region. they were really cute.



We went in, and it was a cave under the mountain, so basically we were going under ground, or more like under mountain, and during our tour, we encountered and got to see a lot of nice things.Well firstly, there were a lot of water bodies down below, and after some interval, there was some water body that arrived.

One of the water bodies had a decoration on it which was giving me Christmas vibes.
The cave had yellow lights, so it wasn’t a really bright place, so just imagine it as any under ground place you visit with the yellow lights yet it still is dark.





There were many sub caves too which looked really nice, and they didn’t lead to anywhere, felt like an alternative route though.



The whole place was rocky and there were beautiful parts of the cave which left me stunned. The walls were white and if you licked them, they were salty. Seemed like salt deposits to me.


When we reached almost the end of the never ending tunnel or cave, there we also saw a prayer area, with lights, it was made of glowing material and it looked really pretty. There was also a glowing minaret which seemed like the small version of the Mizar-e-Quaid tower.




At the end, they had stalls and they were selling different lamps and atiques too. It seemed very interesting. And I witnessed some foreign people too, so like I said, it is a famous tourist spot.

Before leaving Khewra salt mine we also ate ice-cream, though it was melting fast, which left my hands sticky and it was annoying, and my friend’s had melted quite a lot so she threw it away anyways.

At our ride back to the college, we were all quietly laying on our seats, some of the girls taking pictures, as we were all tired, it had gotten dark too. I saw the sunset amongst the greens we were passing by, It was very beautiful.


It was a wonderful day, I will never forget any part of that day when we visited the Khewra salt mine, because it was truly amazing for me.



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