Level of pettiness, PTI

As Nawaz Sharif’s health deteriorates further and the local doctors are unable to handle it, PML-N requested to shift Nawaz Sharif abroad for better medical facilities. PTI government on the other hand begs to differ as they continuously refuse to accept Nawaz Sharif’s medical reports saying,

They can be made up, how can we be sure.

On one hand Imran Khan talks about humanity and peace at Inauguration of Kartarpur Corridor while on the other hand at the International Rehmatul-lil-Alameen (SAW) conference in Islamabad he said

I won’t show mercy

He talks about how even Prophet (P.B.U.H) said

I wouldn’t forgive thief even if my own daughter were to be one.

So by following P.B.U.H’s teaching he won’t show mercy. But isn’t that only about punishment? Prophet (P.B.U.H) never instigated to let prisoners die if they were injured. If that were the case, most of war prisoners would’ve died.

What our Law says


37. Sick prisoners.—(1) The names of prisoners desiring to see the Medical Subordinate or appearing out of health in mind or body shall, without delay, be reported by the officer in immediate charge of such prisoners to the Jailer.

(2)The Jailer shall, without delay, call the attention of the Medical Subordinate to any prisoners desiring to see him, or who is ill, or whose state of mind or body appears to require attention, and shall carry into effect all written directions given by the Medical Officer or Medical Subordinate respecting alterations of the discipline or treatment of any such prisoner.

38. Record of directions of Medical Officers.— All directions given by the Medical Officer or Medical Subordinate in relation to any prisoner, with the exception of orders for the supply of medicines or directions relating to such matters as are carried into effect by the Medical Officer himself or under his superintendence, shall be entered day by day in the prisoner’s history-ticket or in such other record as the [33][Provincial Government] may by rule direct, and the Jailer shall make an entry in its proper place stating in respect of each direction the fact of its having been or not having been complied with, accompanied by such observations, if any, as the Jailer thinks fit to make, and the date of the entry.

39. Hospital.—In every prison an hospital or proper place for the reception of sick prisoners shall be provided.

So what should government do if the local doctors are unable to handle the matter?

NAB and Government

The matter of removing Nawaz Sharif’s name from ecl is being thrown back and forth as it always is with whenever a matter is to be settled by government officials. NAB is trying to stay away from the matter by saying

Home ministry should use their own authority for this matter.

Current Stats

So overall nothing is confirmed. Nawaz Sharif was given high dose of steroids to stabilize his condition but due to flight being canceled doctors say it’ll be more dangerous to give him steroid dose over and over again. While the life of a human being played in the hands of government there is no telling what comes next.


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