MAO Professor Suicides after assault allegation

MAO professor Muhammad Afzal suicides after he claimed that the assault allegation was false and inquiry committee was not helping him clear his name.

According to Muhammad Afzal, he, being an honest and just professor, assigned marks according to performance but his student, Roll no. 18444 (BS Mass Com) decided to accuse him of assaulting her when he didn’t gave her marks she asked for.

Muhammad Afzal lost his reputation in MAO and as well as in his home, his wife left him and he became more stressed than ever; asking the inquiry committee to officially submit a report regarding his innocence.

His request letter can be read in this tweet (left)

But due to lack of response from inquiry committee and stress from job and home matters, Muhammad Afzal wrote a last letter before he committed suicide.

His letter can be read in the above tweet (right)

This situation created quite a dilemma, as many accuse Roll no. 18444 (BS Mass Com) a culprit in the light of these two letters above, some claim that he in-fact assaulted student and then made up all this, finally committed suicide as his life was destroyed. Thus all this event caused this twitter trend to pop-up #MeToo, which was initially used by assaulted victims but is now being used to justify other side of the story.

What are your thoughts about all this?


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