My Daily Life


If I had to talk about my daily life, I’d say its fine. Just fine. But that’s the problem, someone like me who craves thrill and adventure, ‘just fine’ just isn’t good enough.

Well This is how it goes. I wake up and get ready, basically just put on my gown(or commonly known as abaya in my country) and go to university, where I attend lectures and hang out with my friends. Since its winters I often drink chai(milk tea) too. Have fun before i go home.

Having Asian parents, I have the kind of parents who worry for me only because they care, and my mom is practically waiting for me to come home as she tends to get lonely in the quite house after me and my siblings go off to school, college and university.

So I come back home after my university, which is close by, about 15 minutes walk. Greet my mom and have lunch with everyone, though I come late than that mostly, then I lay on my bed and rest before I muster up the energy of doing anything else.

Being a part of a Pakistani household, mostly you get used to getting lectures on different topics from your parents once in a while. They consider its their responsibility to make sure their children are aware of the stuff that may befall them sooner or later.

But being teens, we only learn stuff when we experience it for ourselves. Personally, for me it gets annoying at times when my parents have to treat my like a child, telling me small stuff, and expect me to behave like an adult.


Either ways, its fun being a part of a Pakistani household. You have all kinds of things happening in your family and you get to have all these siblings and squad, so you don’t get much lonely, and you feel this unison in your family. Its pretty cool.

And in my family, whatever happens, we all sit together during lunch and dinner, which I think is a good way to being the family together. Because in this modern age of technology, something like that is much appreciated by me.

So yeah, my daily life includes home and university. I hang out with my buddies at university and at home I sleep or spend time with my family and programming in general. I’m contented with my life at this point. And in our household the use of technology is minimum, so its all real and fun.

Though sometimes I feel like my life is boring, and that everything is repeating in this pathetic way, how I’d like some more thrill, because in Pakistan, you can’t really travel freely or with ease unless you don’t have your pockets full with money. Especially as a female, you get all these restrictions.



Living in the capital, Islamabad and witnessing all the cleanliness and greenery and the beautiful mountains, really does it make it worth living in this city and this country though.


I never liked the idea of a daily routine though. My daily life’s always changing in one way or another. So I don’t find it consistent in any way. One’s life consists of various colors. You can’t call it mono. Nothing stays fixed, not even my routine. But I tried my best to generalize it in this article.

Though often I tell myself that I’m an efficient hard-working student, hence a good citizen of Pakistan. I am fulfilling my major responsibilities towards my nation well so far, I believe. And that’s enough to help me feel motivated and keep going forward and keeping up my daily life.



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