Asifa Akhtar, is born in Pakistan and a scientist. Now she has been selected as the 1st international women Vice President for the section of Medicine and Biology in Planck Organization, the highly successful scientific research organization in Germany. Meanwhile its creation in 1948.
Asifa will manage and control school and institute of Planck organization


Karachi is birthplace of Asifa. From University College London she studied BSc Biology. From “Imperial Cancer Research Fund in London” she achieved a Ph.D. degree in 1997 and for Ph.D Transcriptional Regulations she join lab of Richard Treisman, he is a British expert concentrating in molecular cancer biology.
In 1998-2001 she joined “European Molecular Biology Laboratory” EMBL in Heidelberg Germany for postdoctoral study.
At EMBL she serves as Group leader in 2001 and in 2009 she serves in Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics.
Asifa, earned the Initial Career European Living Science Company Award, In 2008. Although in 2013 she was granted the membership and participation of EMBO. In 2017 gained Feldberg Prize, National School of Science Leopoldina had nominated her as a representative.

*Her vision:*

Asifa powerfully considers in establishment of chances for females to best in science and women empowerment.
She enthusiastically supports gender equality. “Gender fairness wants to be acted on continuously. here in science outstanding females and utilize our possessions to victory them for Planck Society


So, “Asifa Akhtar”, a female who added to highly extraordinary Pakistani female in world. Asifa is a great and living illustration of how female could create a disparity in their specialized careers. Asifa prompts us how, keep on focused, motivated and real to your aims could do miracles.


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