I think we’ve all had some pets in our life. At some point in our life, we’ve had some kind of animal, brought into our house for whatever reason and then as kids we got a new experience. I mean personally, I’m really fascinated by animals. They have my keen interest more than a lot of other things. Because animals are what make this world beautiful and not so lonely. And they make the world live-able place.


In my life, I had a few kinds of pets. Some of the first pets we had were chicks. Yes, that’s right. Little, cute, colorful and choo choo chicks. My elder brother used to find some chick salesman on his way to somewhere every long once in a while, and He used to bring some, maybe three or five home.


Then He used to get busy in convincing my parents that he can really take care of them. But as a little kid He was careless. As a kid, and in the early days, a lot of chicks had died in our family.

Sometimes, due to him wanting the chick to sleep with him and He ended up squishing the chick in his sleep as he turned the other side, or most of the other times, due to natural causes or they just got ill and died out. All of us used to be sad, and our mum put spice on that sadness and said you can’t keep them without a grown hen or their mother. That didn’t convince my brother to not bring more.

And I specifically remember this time. My brother was pretty grown, and he brought five really cute colored chicks home one day. He made a cage for them too and worked hard to provide them with a nice environment. They were the ones that lasted the longest.


Me and my sis played with them and took care of them, and they were so cute. We used to make a little house for them in the flowerbed and be like ‘He should go there in his house’. It was fun while it lasted.

Apparently, this time, some rat in our house broke into the cage from some corner and killed a chick or two, or bit it, we don’t really know what actually happened. We found two of them dead in the cage in the morning and rest of them got sick too after that.

The saddest part of keeping chicks was watching them die. It was really sad watching them get the life sucked out of them while they struggled hard to hold onto it. And all the chicks we ever kept always died. None of them grew up to big chickens.

It was just sad most of the times, so my bro and I just quit keeping any. Just like that we decided we shouldn’t keep any.


I remember other than that, in the early days we kept Australian parrots. Cute little colorful things, them too. And they used to let out this jolly coo coo, which filled up the place with a comfortable and lively niche.


Now, the problem we had with the Australian parrots were their eggs. All the eggs the female laid never seemed to hatch. We kept them for quite a long time and in that time my parrots were unable to reproduce.

There was some problem with the eggs, every time she used to lay them, after sitting on them for barely a few days, she threw them out and we had to clean the whole mess up. It sucked honestly. I did all my research but still wasn’t able to figure out why she did that, let alone avoid it.

And hence in the time we kept those little budgies, I never saw baby budgies. Regardless, I still really liked them, and I wanted to hand train them as I didn’t like the idea of them staying in a cage, but that required too much and was a big risk so I gave up on that too quite easily.


And so in our early days, we were only able to keep chicks or budgies, small birds. Till one day we had to keep my brother’s friend’s cat ‘milo’ for a week as that friend was leaving town. She was a really sweet Persian cat. A trained cutie. She was Grey, with a white patch on her chin, she was the first cutest cat we had to ever take care of.

But ohhh, She was quite the trouble-maker. Maybe most cats are. Because cats are nocturnal and she used to run around in nights and chase I have no idea what, with a twisted tail. And in the day, she was sleeping or eating cat food.


Really unprecedented guest. She rolled on the bathroom floor and meowed for food.

One time in the middle of the night, I went to the bathroom to do my business, I forgot to lock the door and milo came in too. Really unprecedented guest. She rolled on the bathroom floor and meowed for food. She had a really cute meow, a low one. As sweet as she looked and as much as I wanted to give her food right away, She won’t let me have peace in the bathroom and do my business!

And ohh God, this one time, in my early grades, I used to use ink-pens to not ruin my writing. So, on this slippery floor, I put a big cloth, lay my pens there and ink-pots with their lids beside them. I sat there refilling my pens as it was the weekend and I was an organized kid.

Cleanly, I was refilling my pens, at 7 am. The pots were just there. And then suddenly!!!, milo came running wide-eyed and twisted tail and she slipped right on the cloth, spilling it all!!! spilling all the ink on my clothes and the floor, and wished me good luck on the cleaning by looking at me for a split second and ran away.

If She was my child, I would’ve spanked her real good by now. But as angry as I was, lets just face it. She was a really cute, and with her big eyes she…she was too mesmerizing.

It was fun while that week lasted. It was a real nice experience, keeping a Persian cat for the first time.
She was a double coat Persian cat. And as a usual Persian cat, She was really lazy, especially in winter.

And almost at the end of that week, it was winter and mating season and milo had found a stray neighborhood cat, He wasn’t a Persian breed though, we called him roofy as he had been born n had grew up at the back of our house, with whom she used to hang out with in our gallery.

So roofy and milo had their leisure time while they could, in the gallery. Until one day, my dad left the gate of the house open while leaving in the morning(by mistake) and so milo escaped. She went on a date with roofy for a whole day.

We all got super-worried, especially since she was not ‘our’ cat. but fortunately, after their date together, they was passing by our house, milo and roofy both, my bro saw her and picked her up and brought her home.

We returned her to my brother’s friend soon after (as He had returned after two weeks). We all were kind of sad at that, but well, we all knew she was a temporary guest.

I mean pets are a whole lot of work. but its always worth it.

To be continued…



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