PM Imran Khan launches Langar Scheme in Islamabad

PM Imran Khan, along side the biggest trust in Pakistan Saylani Trust, launches yet another scheme Ehsas Saylani Langar to help poor by providing them free food. The motto is to let no one starve and provide food in a respected manner.

Ehsaas Programme’s head Dr Sania Nishtar said 

The scheme has been approved 10 days ago and is fully functioning now.

Dr Sania Nishtar also stated

Next year about 112 langar will be opened.

She further stated

PM Imran Khan don’t want anyone to sleep out in the open or starve but this work can’t be handled by government alone and that’s why this scheme is launched with the help of a trusted third party Saylani Trust to provide shelter and food…It is promised that food will be of highest quality and will be enough for everyone.

Saylani Trust’s founder Mr. Bashir continued

Its thanks to God that he has blessed Pakistan with such a person that even if we are going through God’s test yet he thinks about poor, starved helpless people.

He thanked PM Imran Khan and said

Everything will carry on according to God’s will but thinking about others… That they shouldn’t be starved and will have a shelter…this kind of thinking is the thinking of state of Madina (Riyasat-i-Madina)

Mr. Bashir continued

Every person’s own actions make him a hero and that’s how PM Imran Khan is perceived as a hero…his consideration towards other alone is remarkable.

He stated

Saylani Trust came into being in 1999 and from that day on we (Saylani Trust) decided that we’ll work in all fields…will have no limitations (when it’ll comes to serve people) and now we are either working in some field or outsourcing it…all to help people.

He presented two sacred books to Imran Khan for guidance and to denounce usury. Mr. Bashir encouraged PM Imran Khan by saying

Test will be there but we’ll get through this.

He concluded by saying these strong words

You (PM Imran Khan) did great by helping Pakistan even on international forum but the promise you made that You’ll the providing 1 Crore jobs…Countries like Malaysia was able to achieve economic stability because their government consulted with pros of that field (economist) therefore you should consult with merchants and try to prosper in business and economical field so that we can pay off all debt.

He lastly requested PM Imran khan to help Pakistan on his own by declining to take his pay so that he can set an example to other PM in future. PM thanked and congratulated Saylani Trust’s founder,Mr. Bashir, that its a good deed to help people. He stated

You are doing a great job… We’ll include you in our scheme to eliminate poverty. First phase is opening 112 langar in all those areas where people are needy until we create job opportunities for people…We have launched PHD programs in university to teach the concept of state of Madina (Riyasat-i-Madina.) A state for the sake of welfare…Its the core teaching of Prophet PBUH and we’ll try our best to follow his teaching and God will surely bless us.

He continued

We will help merchants and regulate tax to help poor…People don’t have patience, they always ask where is Naya Pakistan…building a state takes time, slowly and steadily everything will change.

At the end he thanked Dr Sania Nishtar and prayed for the betterment of country along side Mr. Bashir.


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