PM Imran Khan warmly welcomed Sikh pilgrims

PM Imran Khan delivered admirable speech at the promised Inauguration of Kartarpur Corridor and proved that Pakistan holds no prejudice against minorities.

He started off his speech by congratulating Sikh Pilgrims the 550th birthday of Guru Nanak Baba Sahib.

I welcome you all. Today specially, after congratulating you all I would like applause FWO and all the ministries who made all this happen in such short amount of time. Building all this complex, roads and bridge within 10 months, its truly admirable.

I had no idea my government is so efficient, that means we can work even more (on more projects), if we can do this much in just 10 months. Once again, for all your (government personnel) hard-work, spent day and night building this beautiful complex, I wont just congratulate or will tell you how admirable your work is but I pray for you from the depths of my heart that you gave happiness to so many people.

I feel happy to see Sikh community cheerful when they come to visit their Holy place… We did this all wholeheartedly. God is in our heart, when you make someone happy, you pleases God… All Prophets of God gave us two messages, one is humanity and second is justice. These two things separate us from animal’s society. In animal’s society there is neither justice nor humanity. There is only Survival of the fittest in animal’s society… No matter what powerful one do, there are no rights of the week.

Guru Nanak, Dev Ji, whoever reads their teaching even except Sikh nation, knows that their teaching is the same as well. They talked about humanity, to unify humanity. They never talked about dividing humans, hatred towards each other. All who were close to God, they all taught about love for human beings.

PM Imran Khan talked about Sufi from olden ages. All their teachings were same, that is: Love from humanity.

I see the same thing in Sikh community (compassion for humanity). I didn’t know the importance of Kartarpur Corridor at first. Just realized it a year ago, and I tell Muslims (now) that for them it was as if we (Muslims) were able to see Medina from 4-5km but couldn’t go there. So we felt your pain as for Sikh this place holds same value as for us Medina holds.

In the end PM Imran Khan highkey criticized Indian government by saying

You can’t be a leader if you win by spreading hate for others…

PM Imran Khan talked about making Pakistan and India relationship better. He said that this gesture f opening border for Sikh pilgrims was so we can have better relationship with each other, open trdae and reduce poverty.

It’ll be beneficial for both countries. We can reduce poverty. Our only problem is Kashmir, and we can, as neighbors, solve this matter by talking about it with each other.

He credited former Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh by saying

he (Manmohan Singh) himself said that we can make our continent soar in air if only we can solve Kashmir dispute. I said the same thing to Narendra Modi, why can’t we solve this matter. But sadly I’ll have to say that what’s happening in Kashmir is beyond territorial dispute. Its the issue of human rights. 80 lac people (Kashmiri) are being stripped from their human rights while 9 lac soldiers are torturing them.

This is the issue of humanity, its not the issue of territory anymore.

He instigated India’s PM Narendra Modi to stop this awful behavior and reconsider to solve this matter.

Free Kashmir, so both countries (Pakistan and India) can flourish.

In his PM Imran Khan’s closing words he again congratulated Sikh community and showed hope for better relationship in the future with India. Many noticeable people such as Manmohan Singh, Navjot Singh Sidhu and Sunny Deol were also amongst Sikh pilgrims.


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