PM Imran: Mayhem in Pakistan is a source of celebration for India


On Thursday (Nov 28, 2019), PM Imran Khan addressed press conference regarding the conflicts and mayhem carrying on for past few months.

In the past few months, many have tried to destabilize country through dhanra. The way our enemies took it, the way it was celebrated in india (dharna)

He continued to talk about the current issue of General Bajwa’s retirement by saying

and then how they (India) took our case (General Bajwa’s retirement) in court… I’m happy that the way they (haters) are always hopeful to see Pakistan becoming destabilize.

PM Imran Khan specially talked about how all of this has effected issue of Kashmir by saying

Specially in India because Pakistan never took up Kashmir’s issue the way it was taken up seriously in 1965 and now. And unfortunately, our people who tried to destabilized us has caused the upbeat effort for Kashmir to go on back banner once again.

And who enjoyed the whole situation most? India’s racist BJP government, who were celebrating all this a lot. First they were hopeful about dharna and it got crushed, now they were confident that our institutes will fight among themselves.

PM is still hopeful of Pakistan’s democracy though, he said

But Pakistan’s democracy is getting matured. In (our) country a democratic culture and mindset has prevailed. It was thought that our institutes will clash among themselves, it’ll never happen. All institutes are living among their boundaries, and they respect each other.

Imran Khan further talks about how his government motto was to always let court be just and enjoy freedom. He continued

23 years ago when our party (PTI) was formed, our number 1 motto was to offer freedom for judges. And I’m proud to say that my party and I wholeheartedly took part in the movement for the sake of freedom for judges (2007). I even went to jail for that.

PM ensures his support for every institute in Pakistan by saying

We’ll always strengthen and support our institutes and our judges, and I’d say the harmony among our institutes now-a-days is unprecedented. And this is the reason why India’s BJP and our internal mafia is scared of us.


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