PML-N, PPP and JUI-F's alliance pledged to overthrow PTI's government

PML-N leaders Ahsan Iqbal and Marriyum Aurangzeb along with PPP Leader Sherry Rehman held joint press conference to address the latest issues of Pakistan.
Ahsan Iqbal stated

PPP’s chairman Mr. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and PML-N’s Shehbaz Sharif discussed the current situating of country and we agreed on one thing that within one year current government has worsened economics and governance to such a state that Pakistan has drifted into danger zone.

He condoles with lower class of the country, Ahsan Iqbal stated

State of government is equivalent to poison for lower class and the credit goes to poor governance and dire economical status. This has caused helplessness to not only lower class but to middle class as well.

Ahsan Iqbal low-key brought up all the promises of government and discussed how pretty much nothing has been done so far. He stated

Pakistan’s Industry has been destroyed, unemployment rate knows no bounds, price of insecticides and fertilizers has greatly affected agriculture as well

Ahsan Iqbal shows concern about the isolating of Pakistan on international level, he said

Pakistan has financially degraded to such extent that on international level Pakistan couldn’t get 16 votes in UN on Kashmir’s dispute.

He calls out government to be very selfish and unprofessional by saying

Government is toying with Pakistan’s future thus we (Opposition parties ) agreed on the decision that it’s time to overthrow this government, thus in this hour of need opposition parties need to unite against the government, we consider that if we unite we can free our nation from the shackles of PTI’s government.

Ahsan Iqbal seeks help from JUI-F. He stated

We(Opposition parties) have also agreed on the fact that with JUI-F leadership, all opposition parties should form alliance against PTI’s government. To commence this alliance PML-N’s delegates and PPP’s chairman Mr. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is going to have a meeting with Maulana Fazl Ur Rehman. There on we’ll have a strategic meeting about how we’ll be proceeding to struggle against government.

He assures Pakistan’s nation that opposition will unite against the oppression of government. Ahsan Iqbal emphasized

To escape this awful situation, our parties has requested to hold a fair and square election as it is the only fair democratic way. Opposition parties has promised to unite and struggle against government so that country will prospers in the light of democracy and constitution

He ends his address by focusing on the fact that each the opposition, irreverent to association with any party, wholeheartedly supports Kashmir and will always be the voice of oppressed people of Kashmir. PPP Leader Sherry Rehman continued to address the conference by saying

Opposition parties have united to stand for the Pakistan’s nation. With every mini budget it seems like a tsunami of inflation. Oil’s price has been decreased worldwide even OGRA requested PTI’s government to lower price but they didn’t.

She sorrowfully continued

This government feel no sympathy towards Pakistan’s nation as if they have nothing to do with their them. PTI has broken nation’s trust and thus they should step down.

She talked about Prime Minister Imran Khan’s speech by saying

It is every Prime Minister’s duty to give a proper speech as the situation has came down to the point where India has annexed on part of Kashmir, but the hour of need is to help people of Kashmir as much as possible by struggling for them, aiding them with medicines and making UN fulfill their promises. We are united for Kashmir so government should try their best for the sake of people of Kashmir. Mere speech and words will not be sufficient. Prime Minister Imran Khan should try to unite all parties and struggle wholeheartedly for Kashmir yet he didn’t approach any opposition party for Kashmir’s sake.

PPP Leader Sherry Rehman condemns Prime Minister Imran Khan for talking trash about previous government and Army. She continues by saying

It’s not the time to talk trash about opposition and Army on international level… If PTI can only talk here and there and are not going to show any performance and keep on behaving like IMF for the Pakistan’s nation then he(Prime Minister Imran Khan) should be held questionable for his doings.

Sherry Rehman answered a reporter that

Opposition party is not trying to exhibit unilateral action on long march rather opposition parties are trying to stand united.

At the question of one reporter about election, Sherry Rehman threw shades by saying

We all know how PTI’s Imran Khan won election.

Ahsan Iqbal added

25 July 2018’s election was rigged even government’s ally themselves submitted that election was rigged indeed.

In conclusion to this press conference opposition agreed to stand strong against government as they didn’t fulfil even a single promise they made, they have drove opposition in a corner, and have proven themselves as the most awful government.

Sherry Rehman stated

We are waiting for election commission notification to carry on fair democratic election.


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    Oct. 1, 2019


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    Oct. 1, 2019


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