POND'S TONE UP!! Does it really work?

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Sooo a few days ago I saw this new POND’S product ad popping up in Instagram and I thought I might as well give it a try because if you have a sensitive mixed skin like me and there is this one company whose product suits your skin you’ll always be ready to hype up and try its new products as soon as possible and that’s exactly what I did!

Yesterday I asked my dad to buy POND’S white beauty Instabright TONE UP milk cream cuz why not and the shopkeeper told him,

This is quite new product and you are the first one to purchase it

so I thought I might as well write review on it for all my girlies who are iffy about either to give a try or not.

Lets start with basics. It is a tone up cream and ponds claim its inspired by latest Korean technology and you know, the best part about Koreans beauty products is that they are very resolute in using UV protection technology in their products; as many of you might know about BB, CC, DD creams (base + UV protection) and well yes! As you all might have already guessed it does have UV protection in it. So I thought I should give it a try while being out on a sunny day. Yes I know its getting chilly but damn today was kinna hot and sunny so I gave it a try.

So lets start with that precious review! I guess many of you might already be using few POND’S product and if yes! You know that POND’S white beauty spotless fairness gives your skin a bit pink tint and adds a instant glow just like any camera filter might do, well same goes for POND’S white beauty Instabright TONE UP milk cream but instead of pink, it gives your skin a milky white tint and let me warn you if you kinna apply a bit too much, like any vanishing cream, you are gonna end up looking like grudge so be careful with the amount when applying. I suggest you apply it before hand and test to adjust the amount but damn! It really give you an effortless Instabright milky tone. You can use it to go with a no-makeup look but do add a bit blush-on to even the complexion of your skin as it really gives a milky tint to your skin.

So the pros are

  • Instant no-makeup makeup look.

  • Saves time of lazy people (like me)

  • Cost only 300/- Rs (1.92$)

  • Add a subtle smoothness and milky tint to your skin.

  • Leaves you with soft, smooth non oily look.

  • Keeps you looking fresh even if you are out on a sunny day.

  • Best for all skin types (As, Well my skin type is mixed (oily + dry) and I’ve it applied for more than 5 hours, felt no irritation!)


  • Damn! It has none so far.

Let us know in comment section about your experience.


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