Prime Minister Imran Khan became the voice of Kashmir

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Prime Minister Imran Khan speech at UNGA may seemed like an out of bound speech to oppressors, India, but it proved to be a pillar of comfort for Kashmir.
The Prime Minister talked about the propaganda of Islam-phobia that how it has corrupted everyone’s mind into thinking that every terrorist in the world has to be a Muslim and has deviated our minds into sorting out the true oppressors.

He remarked,

Why did it (Islam-phobia) start, because certain western leaders equated terrorism with Islam… Terrorism has nothing to do with any religion.

Prime Minister emphasized that the term ” Islam-phobia “ is mainly used by political leaders which create greater effect to masses all around the globe.
PM Imran Khan stated that

No religion teaches radicalism.

He stressed on the concept that terrorist can be from any country, from any religion, thus linking terrorism to any specific religion or country is plain wrong which is the main reason why everyone turn blind eye to anyone terrorizing humans if they aren’t Muslims. The Prime Minister talked about atrocious behavior of India on Kashmir. He talked about Mr. Modi being a member of RSS an organization inspired by Adolf Hitler which is obsessed with racial purity and superiority. Mr. Modi is actively implementing all this teaching by terrorizing Muslims in Kashmir as well as in India. This hatred isn’t limited to Muslims only but towards Christians and other minorities as well.

He stated

On 5th august India went against eleven United Nation Security Council resolution which says that Kashmir is a disputed territory and the people of Kashmir have a right of self determination, they (India) went against that… They removed article 370, which gives Kashmir a special status.

India stripped Kashmir off its rights and no one didn’t bat an eye. He also said,

(Indian) forces in Kashmir are now 900,000 and they put 8 million people of Kashmir under curfew… Women, children, sick people locked in as animals …Of what I know of England, if 8 million animals were locked in the RSPCA would have made a lot of noise about it, these are human beings!

He blamed Mr. Modi’s illusion of superiority the cause of all cruel things that he has done so far. Sheer arrogance has blinded him of the fact that war is bound to happen if he keeps on terrorizing people of Kashmir.

PM Imran Khan stated

Has he (Mr. Modi) thought about that? What he will do when curfew is lifted? Does he think that people of Kashmir will quietly accept the status quo because India has changed the constitution and taken away special status. They’ll accept that? Hundred and thousands of Kashmiri have died in the past thirty years because they were denied the right given by the United Nations, the right of self determination, hundred thousand have been died and thousands of women have been sexually assaulted

As shocking as it sounds, it’s all true. People are being stripped off their basic human rights yet no one raised a sound. You ask why?

PM Imran Khan stated.

Because India is a huge market, 1.2 billion people. Sadly the material prevails over the human

“Everybody liked that”

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Prime Minister Imran Khan fears that there will be a bloodbath after the curfew is lifted, the people of Kashmir will be treated inhumanely by the 900,000 troops and all Mr.Modi has to say about it is he is doing it for the prosperity of Kashmir.

He emphasized

Has anyone thought what will happen when there is a bloodbath, what do you think the impact will be on? of the people of Kashmir? …All the political leaders, young boys arrested, taken God knows where. What will these Indian troops will do to the people f Kashmir? Shoot them?

PM Imran Khan considers this as alarming situation, this will further radicalize the people of Kashmir and to our dismay, India is blaming us. They use the word Islamic terrorismand suddenly the whole world turns away and ignore all the inhumane, terrorizing behavior of India. The bloodbath will only turn many Muslims radical, not because of Islam but because they see that there is no justice when it comes to Muslims.

PM Imran Khan wraps up his speech by saying

You (India and other leaders) are forcing people into radicalization. When people lose the will to live for, when you do this to people you are actually radicalizing people… Two nuclear-armed countries will come face to face and before we head in that direction United Nation has a responsibility

The whole meaning of the speech was to ask for justice and justice alone but if justice will not be served and Pakistan will be forced to fight a nuclear war with India, it’ll have consequences for the world. UN must take action before it’s too late.


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    Sept. 29, 2019

    Prime Minister Imran khan really delivered an out standing speech. Hoping that people of Kashmir will soon get the justice they deserve!

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    Sept. 30, 2019


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    Oct. 1, 2019

    true leader indeed

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