Procrastinating, Stack Overflowing

Its the end of semester, college year, high-school year or something of that sort. You have been taking it easy all year. And you have not made much progress. But now its Do or die. We have been procrastinating all year, and your tasks stack is totally at its last limit, or overflowing too, but now is the time to take over.

my mama didn’t raise a quitter, she raised a procrastinator

Now I’m here to give you some motivation. You need to decide whether your grades are important to you or not. Or forget about grades, do you want to pass or not? Do you want to do this or not? In case you don’t, then make sure your already enjoying your life to the fullest.


Well the first step is to know that you have been procrastinating all year. And now if your going to be procrastinating your tasks any further, your stack will be overflowing for sure. And you totally won’t be able to handle that. And you will not be successful. So you need to decide that you want to pass, you want to do this.

Once you’ve done that and made your decision, You need to realize you have to make some effort… Now, you may want to talk to your friends and have some chit chat and have the time of your life because life’s getting boring again.


Or in between you may get bored of studying in loop and start watching Tv to kill time, just cause you want to get your mind off it all. But that’s all okay. The next step is to manage everything and manage your stack of tasks. You want to talk to your friends, watch TV and play games, and that’s alright, the key is to plan your day according to which you get it all.

So after you decide you want to pass, you should come up with a plan to achieve those things alongside your studying. And the last step is working on that schedule or plan, for that you gotta stay motivated and strong willed and study hard in order to decrease some tasks from your overflowing stack.


And remember, Your a human, not a robot, so your allowed to cheat yourself and your schedule once in a while. wink So its about time you stop procrastinating, and start taking action, because your already at the deadline and your tasks stack is overflowing, you don’t want to end up as a failure at what you do. Though its okay to fail, but only after you try.


Not only academically, but you should try to take action for whatever goal you want in life. Get out there and do it and make sure you give it your all. Good luck to everyone out there who’s struggling and making an effort UwU.


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