Programming is life

The lecture was over and everyone started talking, there was noise in the class, and while everyone was busy in their chit chats, a slow voice starting coming out of nowhere. It was our Teacher, who had started taking the attendance in the most low toned voice as possible.

Everybody got shocked and within 10 seconds there was absolute silence in the class. Nobody had said present while their names were called out as they never heard their names amidst all the noise. First eighteen students had been marked absent in a class they had attended.

After that, no-one dared to say a word while the teacher took the attendance in his low toned voice each time. And yes, that’s how He did things. Creating an example was necessary for the class to understand he was serious.

Our programming classes are the most interesting classes of the week, in my opinion. You get to learn something new each time. Not only programming related, but having that teacher, you can always look forward to learning how to be practical and get a new aspect on life.

If He’s in a good mood, you get to hear jokes that lighten the mood once in a while during the lecture. Jokes like,’ab mein apko kch aisa parhane wala hon jisko seekh k apki zindagi mein baharein aa jaen gi’,(translation: Today I’m gonna teach you something, after learning which, spring shall enter your lives). Well, apparently it did bring ‘baharein’(spring) in our lives considering it created simplicity.

Being a programmer means you become very patient. Because when you write a code, there are always errors. You can’t write a perfect code in a single try or one go. There are all these errors and you have to be patient.


Now when you get errors and you’re not able to fix them, while its so very frustrating at times and makes you so very angry, you may hit your screen, even break your PC out of frustration, but the errors will remain there, unless you sit yourself down, go through your code and fix it. This develops a lot of patience in a coder.

Generally, programming is something really beautiful if you ask me. Its beautiful how you start from scratch and build and build, till you finally get something big, and significant. When it all comes together to form a program, its all pretty cool. Then again, that’s what life is all about.

And the happiness is inexplicable when you finally have the moment where your program starts working fabulously. All your effort and patience finally shows, in the form of your program. Life feels colorful again.

One misconception people have about coders, the word linked with coders is hackers. If you are gonna become a Software engineer, or someone who’s learning programming, somehow people assume you know hacking. I really don’t get how these two get linked.

So I said,”we’re learning c++
Sis: ”nice! So do you know how to hack an fb account?
Me: ”no dude, I’m learning programming languages not hacking!

And not just my sister but random people asked me if I know hacking or not. Well, how do people link programming with hacking is out of my understanding.

Programming, or software engineering is a fun field, It has high scope too and its a lot of fun, and will keep you occupied well if you have interest in it. It will light up your life if you give it the right amount of dedication.

P.S. Maybe in future, I will get the chance to learn hacking too ;)



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