Sahiwal incident’s suspects released

Special anti-terrorism court in Lahore let suspects of Sahiwal incident off the hook by giving them benefit of doubt.

It is reported that, victim’s brother refused to verify identity of suspects saying that he wasn’t able to recognize them.

The victim’s children, who were injured during Sahiwal incident, also refused to identify suspects as they stated

We were unable to see their face.

Court gave the suspects benefit of doubt and released the 6 suspects.

The incident took pace in motorway yousafwala in January, where the victims were on their way to attend a marriage ceremony.

6 CTD personnel attacked the victim’s family. The incident was revealed by the help of a civilian who recorded it all.

After the incident was highlighted on new and investigation started, CTD personnel claimed the victim belonged to a terrorist group and was killed after being encountered.

The whole incident caused an uproar and PM Imran Khan also emphasized that government will take responsibility.

Yet, how the situation has turned out there is no telling what will be the future of these children.


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