Sarfaraz Ahmed is no longer a captain


Sarfaraz Ahmed is removed from the post of captain right in T20 and many blames that its due to biased behavior from board.

Sarfaraz was previously suspended when he caused an uproar after using abusive words towards other team and now he is being removed again as PCB claims

His performance is poor, that’s why he is being removed from his post.

Though the stats say otherwise,

  • Being captain in 37 matches; Won 29 times, lost 8 times.

  • 78 % success; World wide 3rd position.

  • Lead 14 series, won 12 (successive 11 times)

  • Whitewashed Australia and New Zealand.

  • Helped Pakistan team become No. 1 in T20

  • Scored highest in Pakistan Vs Sri Lanka

  • Strike rate 145

which only seems more convincing that this whole situation is biased. The recent bad performance was not only captain’s but the whole team as well, yet captain is the only one getting punished.

With regards to all that, the board decided to change captain right at most crucial match of T20 with Australia whilst T20 is the most powerful point of Sarfaraz Ahmed. The idea itself seems really bad, it’ll only make it more difficult to win against a strong team like Australia.

Whilst all this commotion, Azhar Ali (Currently appointed captain) also thinks its going to be a tough match as Pakistan is currently weaker than opposing team, he stated

I am happy that I have given this opportunity to lead Pakistan’s team, I am fully supported by board and chairman that its not a short term thing (being captain), that’s why I’ve accepted this (captain’s post). I’m thankful to Sarfaraz, the way he lead Pakistan’s team, his services are best for Pakistan’s team, I fully support Sarfaraz.

He further continued

Change is always good, its not like we have given up. Our record in Australia isn’t good… We can’t defeat them by playing positive, so my message to players is to play aggressively.

Well, we all wish good luck to our team and all those competing. May the best one win! Because match is all about good sportsmanship,struggle and good effort by all teams so their fans can enjoy alongside them.


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