Shellby's collar (Chapter 2)

Chapter 1


20 minutes later

Jihyun’s pov:
How dare He!! How dare He do this again! That weird obsessive freak! Just who collects kitty collars!!?? Ugh! I kept on muttering to myself while desperately searching for the library, not to mention I was carrying Shellby with me, in one of my arms, and pressed to my chest. in the rush and madness I forgot to leave her in my room(of hotel).

Words can’t even begin to explain how furious I felt. It was a special edition cat collar, that I had won due to answering a question right in a concert of IKON. just why this one! In my state of anger I bumped into an obese woman!. OK, I over-exaggerated that, a rather obese girl considering how everyone around here is super slim.

But before I knew it, she was staring dangerously at shellby with bulging eyes while shellby said “meoww” in her low toned voice. “UhUh..” I stuttered to shake words but I couldn’t seem to speak and ask her to move away, let alone apologize.”She’s shoo cute!! OMG!!”, She was totally onto ‘my’ cat, I could easily tell! Damn it, leave us alone lady! Shellby doesn’t even have her collar T^T.


what do you feed this fur ball OwO?”, she asked.
I finally spoke up, “Where’s the library!?”.
awww, how rude of you, invading my personal space by bumping into me like that and now just-, go straight and turn right from around that corner”, she answered.
thanks~ your a life killer!”,

And soo I rushed exactly to where the great ‘suga’ was … the library. Finally! I went in and I was heading towards suga! I finally found him! I was walking towards him when suddenly ”meooow~”, shellby yelled, what got into her! Everyone was looking at me now, but suga kept sleeping in the corner chair with his head in one of the book.

The librarian was following me now, I barely managed to get out of the mess, and was now standing in of the hallways’. I decided to leave for my room and deal with the situation more strategically rather than being repulsive. I was heading for my room when shellby crouched out of my arms. meowing, she went around the corner, following her, I turned at the corner but I couldn’t believe my eyes, shellby was in the legs of that person. Whyy!!!???.

Chapter 3


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