Shellby's collar (Chapter 3)

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Haewon’s pov:


Woww. UwU Cutie pieee. I encountered the cute cat again(totally unexpected). AND It was in my LEGS! God I couldn’t control myself, so I picked it up instantly and stroked her.

But only two seconds later, followed the weird owner, with the weirdly weird attitude. She was wearing a purple checker shirt, with a long black jacket, with gray trousers. I mean talk about a weird girl with a weird dressing sense. At least her hair were cool. Straight, short, and jet black!

She was standing in front of me while I had her cute cat in my arms. “erm…”, She tried to speak but was probably weirded out. Has she got some kind of stuttering syndrome or what.

I couldn’t bear the awkward vibe so I finally said “hey, its fine”, it was all I could think of, for saying.”oh yeah”, I realized I was holding her cute cat so I handed her her cat, and gave her a smile implying everything’s cool as she seemed troubled already.

She carefully placed her arms around her cat, looking down at her. “you can at least tell me her name”, I asked out of sheer curiosity, “its shellby”, she finally answered me. While patting Shellby’s head, I asked her “So what’s up? You seemed in quite a hurry, I might be able to help”.

Jihyun’s pov:
Your really willing to help me!?
Sure, I haven’t got much to do anyways

05 minutes later

I told her how I really needed Suga to come out of library to have some serious talk. “Leave it to me”, she had answered. Yeah As if! Good luck waking yoongi up. Be ready to get your mind blown by his stubbornness. Of course She couldn’t do the deed, but I thought ‘hey whats wrong with letting her have a try’.

8 minutes later

I was sitting in Jungkook’s room once more, acquainted by him, who was constantly net surfing on his phone. Haewon had instructed me to wait there, ha!, as if she could do much but I had already decided to give her a plan a chance anyways. Shellby, after roaming had found her long lost cozy spot on jungkook’s bed, and was resting cross pawed.

To be continued…

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