Shellby’s Collar (chapter 4)

Chapter 3

Chapter 4 

Haewon’s pov:

For the time I had been in company of Suga sunbae(senior in respect), I had realized one thing,’sleep was super precious to sunbae’. He was always looking for places to sleep and was the biggest couch potato I had ever encountered.

I already had sunbae’s number, which I had taken from the precious shellby’s owner, I didn’t even ask her her name. Regardless I spammed sunbae!. That had to wake him up. Multiple missed calls and several texts that went
you busy?
lets go to the cat show
answer me!
you don’t know me?
Why won’t you answer?
so on.

When I was sure I had bothered him enough, I sent him the ultimate text(the one that should put sunbae on saiyan mode!)

jungkook-ssi got a new couch

2 minutes later

I witnessed suga sunbae heading to jungkook’s new room in a rush. Of course due to my text.
Yay! Plan worked. Cool.

suga opens the door sneakily and looks around

Jihyun’s pov:

I heard the door creak so I looked at the door, ISTGFGHIFRII!! It was him! I instantly got up and was treading heavily towards him, he tried to close the door trying to leave but no! Not happening, I blocked it with my foot and opened it.

He sighed and came in, I shut the door loudly behind me, and turned to face him.

Yoongi jerk!”, looking at him and remembering shellby’s cat-collar had revoked my anger once more. He had already eased himself onto jungkook’s bed, besides shellby and wasn’t paying much attention to me.
how dare you!!
Porky, you follow me around all the time
what the!! where is it!?
Where’s what?
don’t play dumb with me jerk!!

suga sighs

don’t take it away, I-I can’t give it back
Give it back already!!!

suga makes a really cute face

wh-whattt? That again, that’s- that is cuteness overloaded, its intolerable, He looked too cute and precious T^T, but I can’t-
please let it slide Jihu”, He said politely, still keeping up his cute face.
Damn…I can’t back down at this point! I tried to picture the cute cat-collar again and that did it!
give me back the cat-collar!! and stop the names!

Yoongi’s pov:

Sigh She kept on screaming at me, asking for the precious cat-collar I had no intention of returning. Even my cuteness overloaded didn’t work, it was effective last time though. But this time it failed.

My pretty collection, that collar will make my collection perfect , I can’t possible loose it. I won’t be able to sleep well, if my collection Isn’t complete. She keeps screaming at me though, I have to do something.

maybe we can play games together then?
ha, there’s no way she can refuse games. This ought to wind it u-
NN-NOO! Give the collar up, I’ve had it with your g-
Tomb raider! Shadow of tomb raider”, I interrupted her, and for once she seemed to be lost in thought.

Seeing her state of diorama, I think I had stroked while the iron was hot. It was just the right thing for bribery in jihyun’s case.
I got it yesterday Jihi, lets check it out together”, and yeah way to go me for the perfect topping. As she stood there lost in thought, thinking deeply, I looked down at shellby and felt the sudden urge to sleep.

I had already won of course, my collection was gonna stay safe and so I was gonna rest on the bed, lovely sleep…until suddenly…

To be continued…

Chapter 5


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