Shellby’s Collar (chapter 5)

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Jihyun’s pov:

I found it!” hoseok exclaimed. And He held the dazzling collar high up, giving off a triumphant and starry vibe. That really was it!! The subarashi(amazing) cat-collar, fight in front of my eyes. I looked at Suga who was staring at it in utter shock.


I carefully took the cat-collar from Hoseok’s hands and looked at the cat-collar for a few seconds, having my moment with the cat-collar I had longed for, feeling at relief.

From the looks of it, suga had given up and was now gently patting shellby. I put it around Shellby’s neck, trying to be as subtle as I could, while suga petted her.

I took a sigh of relief.

where did you find it?!”, I asked hoseok out of curiosity.
No, that’s a secret”, he replied.
How could He not tell me. Just why! But I got it back and that was the most important thing. I truly felt at relief. and suga seemed the same way.

regardless, thank you hyung”, I said to hoseok, I ‘was’ truly grateful afterall and at relief finally.

End of Part 1…

Chapter 6


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