Shellby's collar (chapter 6)

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Jihyun’s pov:

I’m sorry ma’am, but it won’t start
it was just fine in the morning, I don’t know what caused this, It can’t be helped

That guy’s old model taxi didn’t quite take me to Shin’s house. the taxi’s engine made a weird noise and soon, the driver asked me to pay the fare of the distance covered till then, and got his dumb taxi pushed in a parking lot nearby.

I was quite pissed off at the taxi and the driver and wasn’t gonna let that guy off easy but I was really hungry and my stomach suggested otherwise. And hey… ‘I was in Korea’, I shouldn’t let things like these get to me. ‘I want coffee’, I thought to myself.

Luckily, there was a fancy shopping mall nearby. It looked pretty eccentric in its own way, thats Korea for you. So I decided it was best get my grumbling stomach filled before continuing my journey to shin’s place considering that taxi was totalled.

Shin was my kind friend who had offered to provide me residence once I arrived in Korea, as I was already on a low budget and couldn’t afford some fancy hotel. And though I didn’t want to trouble her, it just couldn’t be otherwise.

So I entered the mall after 5 minutes of walking, the stairs to the main entrance weren’t many but enough for a quick warm up. I don’t prefer crowded places but the mall, of course, was flooded with people,mostly tourists.

I got on the escalator because I spotted a nice cafe on the first floor.’Coffee finally’. Soon I was sitting on a black chair, waiting for my order, which I had placed a few minutes ago.

With nothing to do, my eyes raced through the surroundings, till I noticed two masked guys in the west of my direction. ‘Why the masks?’, I wondered, after 2 minutes of observing them, my order finally arrived.

Iced coffee with two doughnuts, not too shabby looking. Coffee at a nice cafe in a mall in Korea, seemed blissful. After I was done, I placed the bill at the table, got up and was leaving when a poster at a pillar caught my attention.

A pure white cat with blue eyes, was on the poster. I suddenly stopped to look at it when…

Chapter 7


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