Shellby's collar (chapter 7)

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Jungkook’s Pov:

Me and Suga hyung(big brother) were casually discussing how namjoon shouldn’t have been prank-ed by the manager like that, telling him He wasn’t a good leader. he didn’t get mad, only disappointed and sad.

I was looking at Suga hyung and sipping a box of orange juice when suddenly this short girl, wearing a gray shirt and black jaggins, with a light brown leather bag at her back, seemed rather stuffed, stopped right in front of us and before I noticed that and looked ahead, I bumped into her her back, spilling my juice partially on her bag and jeans.

It made her mad and she repulsively looked behind at hyung, “You just soaked my jeans with that juice!”, which she was wiping with a tissue, she was angry but gave off her anger by the intensity of her words, without even being loud.

I was just about to apologize for spilling the juice when hyung stepped up and tied his jacket around his waist. Quick going hyung! I bowed politely,”bianhe”(sorry). I was truly ashamed, being so careless towards a yeohja(woman), spilling stuff on her jeans and getting her mad, I felt quite bad.

She was staring at suga hyung in dismay though, what was she looking at his masked face for, was she still mad or what, I couldn’t comprehend. She exclaimed,”h-huh!!????”, I replied,”what, is it something th-”, she totally cut me off and said “yoongi?!

whatt how’d she figure that out..I panicked a bit when hyung just stood there doing nothing, our cover’s blown, its only a matter of time before we sink in a crowd of people once more. Wouldn’t be the first time.

it can’t happen, this- “lets just get some pizza”,hyung just said casually way, whaa, ‘Is this bribery?’ I thought to myself. And so we were sitting at a two seater, in front was the girl, sitting on the double seater facing us.

I don’t want any trouble, I hope we can just settle this peacefully and casually. I made this woman mad enough already, or maybe I should just call the manager, tsk, lets just have our peaceful time, and since we’re all waiting for pizza, I didn’t wanna ruin our meal, and I ruined her jeans too.

S:“So how’d you know?”, hyung casually asked her.
Ji:“umm it was obvious from your voice, its unique…”, she replied.
Jk:”You guys know each other?
Ji:”ahehe not really, we were just in the same grade in junior high
Jk:”oh, so that’s how..
S:”what are you doing in Korea though?

Ji:”I just wanted to attend a concert, but I can’t believe this happened…
She looked at her bag which was placed on the side of the table.
Jk:”I’m really sorry, it was my fault, I wasn’t careful..
Ji:”Whatt!?? Wasn’t that yoongi’s doin-
Jk:”If there’s something I can do to make up, please let me know
Ji:”Actually there’s something you can do…

To be continued....

Chapter 8


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