Shellby's collar (chapter 8)

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Jihyun’s pov:

I mean just what was the probability of me running into BTS members right on the first day of arriving at Korea!!! It was my LUCKY DAY of course! There He was, right in front of me, The member with the double ‘g’ swag. GOSH! I can’t even believe this. Its not bad that Suga, me and Jungkook got to meet like this, and eat pizza.

Hanging out with them at a fast food place, eating pizza together. By now, our order had arrived and we were all eating pizza, I mean what else could I ask for. But I didn’t want this time to end too fast, but still time was passing by faster than I expected. Way tooo fast…

I was already surprised to know I was angry on Suga for something Jungkook did, when
Jk:”If there’s something I can do to make up, please let me know..
In that moment, I realized, maybe it doesn’t have to end this fast. He ‘did’ ruin my favorite pair of jeans so It can’t be helped, even if I’m bothering them:

Jihyun:”actually, I have no intention to interrupt your free time like this, but there’s one thing you could do
Jungkook: (looks towards me as he eats pizza)
Ji:”Could you take me to Vivian blue apartments?
Suga:(sips his drink)that’s a two hour drive from here

Ji:”whaattt!? Isn’t that too….(sigh)I don’t know how I’ll find it, I’m supposed to stay at my friend’s place
Jk:”our hotel is 20 minutes form here, you could stay there
(me and Suga both look at him all of a sudden)
S:”Yoh sure, that’s okay?
Jk:”Its the least I can do after ruining her clothes like that

I was staring at Jungkook, and in my mind was playing a scene of me hanging out with BTS! No wayyyy! Me!? At their hotel!? With Suga! OMG! This was a dream. I can’t believe Jungkook was so nice, I had under-estimated him this whole time.

Ji:”I don’t think I’ll be able to af-
Jk:”Don’t worry I have a special 70% discount token, that should h-
Ji:”whaaaaaaaaaa(I stood up and bowed) gamsam imnida (thank you in Korean)”
Jk:”ehehe…Its the least I could do…

And so… I ended up staying a the same hotel as Suga! One thing led to another, from pizza to a hotel suite. sweet! It was hard to tell whether it was a dream, or the reality I had just woken up to, I think it was sheer luck though. I had already texted Shin my room number and the complete address so…

To be continued…

Chapter 9


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