Shellby's collar (chapter 9)

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Jihyun’s pov:

One month prior to Jihyun’s arrival in Korea

Shin; “yeah, She’s the best, once I tell her your my friends, booom, not a single penny will be demanded by her.
Jihyun: “Are you sure though? I mean I d-
Shin: “Yess, don’t worry Jihi She’ll fix shellby up and make her healthy in no time, once shellby is at her clinic, and once she’s done, I’ll personally take care of shellby darling.
Ji: “I’d like to keep shellby here but it seems best for her, your aunt’s clinic seems more reliable than the ones here.
Shin: “Ahan, make sure you drop shellby at her house by 12’o clock, k nya?
Ji: “okay, got it!

Right after arriving at BTS’s hotel

Uwaahhh, my beautiful daughter, I picked up shellby and hugged her. Did you miss mommy, Aww I missed you too my fluffy coochi coo. I was sooo glad to see her after a month and she seemed buff and healthy again. Due to change of plans I had told Shin to send shellby at the hotel I was staying at.

She seemed pretty healthy and active. But after barely two minutes of me petting her, she jumped out of my arms and grip, making herself comfortable on the bed, and fell asleep. Hm… I guess she missed sleep more than me, oh well, she’s healthy and better now.

I gently took out the cat-collar from side pocket of my bag and put it around shellby’s neck. To my surprise, it suited her a lot, as if it was made for her…


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