Shellbys Collar Final Chapter

Chapter 9

So the background or backstory or backstory behind this fan-fiction goes something like, me and my sister are a big time ARMY(BTS fandom). Her bias is Yoongi and mine is Jungkook, we’ve our reasons like every other army. I wanted to do something nice for my sister so basically I wrote this fan-fiction for her.

Jihyun is the character I used for my sister, She’s repulsive and appreciates free things a lot, she is not weird around Yoongi, in fact they are a bit close and she likes video games, this is what she calls spending quality time with her closest person.

We had a really cute cat called Shellby, hence the cat in the fan-fiction is named after our cat, though we lost her, due to an unfortunate accident she went missing, but we still carry shellby’s memories, hence I used shellby’s reference in the fan-fiction plot.

Originally, I wanted to conclude the story on part 1, but my sister was always curious how Jihyun ended up in the hotel with BTS, hence I had to add a part 2 explaining the previous stuff, including how Jihyun had ended up in that hotel, and why she was In Korea in the first place.

IN most of the BTS videos we watched, I observed the BTS members playing some kind of games, or doing weird stuff while they wait for their time of performing to come. But Yoongi mostly displays a lazy behavior, yet he’s still caring. That’s also one of the things I’ve tried to depict in this fan-fiction.

Keeping my sister’s views in mind, I wrote this fan-fiction according to her liking, hence it does not contain much cliche type of romance, even though it is the story between Yoongi and Jihyun. It has light romance and everyday stuff, which Jihyun and Yoongi fight over and spend time together after their re-union at the hotel, and I think that in itself is good enough.

It was my first fan-fiction, I hope you all enjoyed and do let me know your feedback in the comments.



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