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We’ve all had our share of The Sims at some point or age in our life. It is one of the most popular games around the globe. I mean personally, I’ve had my share of Sims in my teenage years for quite a long time too. And trust me when I say, it’s a very addicting game.

I was addicted to it to the point I started dreaming about it. In the time I wasn’t playing the game I used to be making mind maps of the house or character I was going to make next, picturing it all with detail and the furniture and everything. Well as a kid you have plenty of time to spend on games and I spent a lot of my time on this one.


For all those who are not aware of it. The Sims is a game in which player creates virtual people called Sims and places them in a house and helps direct their moods and satisfy their desires. Players can either place their Sims in pre-constructed homes or build them themselves. Each successive expansion pack and game in the series augmented what the player could do with their Sims; and Oh, installing ur favorite expansion packs was another game in itself.


SO in our household, there was a lot of sims politics. And I mean a lot. Firstly we only had one Computer which meant we fought to play the game and each one of us wanted maximum time playing the game, though while playing the game it felt like hours passed like seconds which meant nobody wanted to give up without at least a couple many hours of game time, and sometimes even that much time in sims progressive terms wasn’t enough.

We used the same neighborhood so basically, all our houses and sims were in the same area and so our sims could interact with each other. normally that seems like a fun thing. But in sims terms, it meant ‘problems’.

Well, the general thing in sims was you had to meet another character, encounter them and greet them, which meant you automatically got their number and they became in your known people’s list. And that’s where everything started. You greeted someone’s sim meant you could spend time with them and in an old version of sims (Sims 1), it basically took you two days of sims playtime to build a strong relationship with another sim to the point of the proposal.

Now as kids, firstly we used to make fun of the lgbt in that game. my younger bro used to go like ‘oh look, two guys kissing’, because in sims, gender didn’t matter at all. You could start a thing between two guys or two girls, It all worked out like a charm.

and so finally his dream came true and i made a big and expensive house for him with all the good and posh furniture all because he could afford it all

I remember I used to be such a jerk, now what I did was first was, make my sim greet the sims of other households, those characters belonged to my sister and brother. Next, I took the time to build relationships with them and then proposed them, which meant after marrying their sim, I had their net worth or simply I got a lot of money and my sim became rich. Well, in that sims, there was no wedding ceremony or anything, everything was pretty simple, your sim just had to jump and rotate around and magically they changed into a wedding dress, kissed and done. a whole full marriage, and all done in a second.

Next, I made a swimming pool outside my house and the newlywed sim, I sent it to the pool for swimming. as soon as they started swimming I removed the stairs of the pool. Now without the stairs, there was no way! your sim could get out of the pool. well generally you can, but that’s sim logic for you.

So that sim kept swimming and its need meter slowly kept getting red all the way. I fast-forwarded the game and so that sim slowly died in the pool as none of the needs were fulfilled. Another way was fencing, you made the sim go outside the house and build a fence around him/her, which left no escape route for the sim and yet again they died as their needs weren’t fulfilled.

And ta-da, my guy’s net worth went from 20k to 80k considering He had married thrice and He was still a single family member because I had killed his two wives and one husband through the pool and fence game. and so finally his dream came true and I made a big and expensive house for him with all the good and posh furniture(I had a lot of fun doing that) all because he could afford it all.

And later on, I used to blackmail my siblings saying, “I’ll steal your character through my handsome guy and kill her! if you don’t make me some tang”, and ironically enough they used to listen to me, and sometimes do my work too.


Every week she used to sell a piece of her furniture to keep on living, until one day she finally had the money to cook a meal in the oven

I remember my sister had a Sim called ‘Lola Khan’, she was an unemployed, single woman who would play chess all day long, just by herself so she could get a job(chess increased the logic of your sim which in turn increased their skills and helped in getting a job), and her mood remained really bad, she peed everywhere due to less bladder control.

Because of her poor financial state, she could not hire a maid , therefore, she had to clean her house and her pee herself, which made her mood go even worse. Her fridge mostly remained empty because of less money, and her only meal every day was $5 pack of chips.

Every week she used to sell a piece of her furniture to keep on living, until one day she finally had the money to cook a meal in the oven. She kept it there for cooking and was taking a peaceful nap in her lounge, on her leather recliner… till Her cheap oven caught fire.

One-fourth of her house was burned till she woke up from her nap, and when she did, she stood next to the fire and kept screaming till suddenly the fire caught hold of her fat ass too and she was burned along too. apparently on that issue, my sister didn’t save the game and the whole fire incident along with her brutal death were un-done. and so, this time my sister put a $20 fire alarm(she couldn’t afford the better $50 one which meant her food money would be used up), and so the fire was avoided in futures too.

Then she started a new hobby of painting, to earn some money. Despite her really bad mood my sister forced her to make and complete the paintings so she could sell them only $2 each, which was not at all enough so she finally quit that too.

She was managing fine, but luck was never on her side. She was once again taking a nap on her leather recliner(she did that often), A burglar came to her house. again, She had no burglar alarm, and so the burglar kept stealing her furniture. in the sims a burglar is just a guy in grey clothes and a black mask, carrying a black bag and whatever big furniture he steals, disappears and magically fits into his small bag,(that’s sims logic for you) and so while lola slept, her furniture was stolen, by the time she woke up and called the police the burglar had hit and run already with the most expensive of her furniture.

This time Lola couldn’t afford a burglar alarm(which cost $250), my sister got frustrated and deleted ‘the Khan family‘ finally and put Lola out of her misery once and for all. Well If you ever feel bad about your life, remember Lola’s life, hopefully, it’ll help you feel better and I’m sure you’re not that worse off.


And when we got a bit full of the game, we started installing expansion packs. and ended up having the Sims 1 complete collection which had all of the expansion packs including The Sims pets, and so, what I couldn’t do in real life(get an adorable pet) I fulfilled it in the game, was only a fraction of entertainment compared to having a pet in actuality though.

Then came The Sims 2 complete collection. It had all sorts of fun stuff. You could do magic and make all kinds of spells, you could go on vacations on islands and many other places, you could go to clubs at nights and take your sims on dates or they could go to university and live in hostels and play different games and have the student life, or they could live in a nice apartment and get a room-mate too, have pets, have parties, and lots and lots of other stuff. There is way too much to discover and have fun within that game.

It is a really fun and interesting game with lots and lots of possibilities and full of new stuff always, waiting to be checked out. I have played The Sims 2, The Sims 2 Complete Collection, The Sims 3, The Sims 3 Complete Collection, but even those have gotten old as The Sims 4 has also been released giving the player a wide range of all kinds of fun stuff to do in this game.

For all those who love designing, decorating, furnishing, this game offers it all from creating your sim, starting from detailing your sim’s facial features to attire, to creating a whole town and house with all kinds of features, This game will really keep you occupied.



DO give this game a try y’all.


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    May 7, 2020


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