Tanaka-kun is always listless

Black hair and pale yellow skin. Tanaka is no less than a weird ghost. He is the lazy guy who is listless everywhere. Sleep and rest is his foremost priority. Then how does he get by?


Tanaka’s reliable friend Ohta is always there to look out for Tanaka. Ohta is very kind, and though his tall figure and face shape might make him seem like an intimidating guy, but He’s actually very kind and Tanaka’s best friend.


I would like to take a moment to talk about how much reliable Ohta is making him perfect husband material. He is good at cooking, extra helpful, looks out for his friends, and is strong and can lift up Tanaka easily. Not only that, He is also very sharing and caring towards strangers too.



The anime revolves around Tanaka and Ohta, and Tanaka’s daily life in high school. Wherever Tanaka goes he manages to doze off quite easily. Any cozy spot becomes his rest place. the anime also has a fresh and contending opening song which you aren’t able to skip.


Due to his lazy personality, He almost seems to have no presence at all. In some corner of the class He is taking his beauty naps. Not to mention how Tanaka is on a whole another level of lazy and listless.

Even at home, his little sister does all the work. She looks almost exactly like Tanaka. She loves her elder brother and looks out for him too. Every-one around Tanaka is used to his listless behavior an his lazy character.


Some of the characters in the anime include Tanaka’s close friends including a short girl with long hair, a tsundere blond girl, a sophisticated girl who has a crush on Tanaka, Tanaka’s and Ohta’s sisters and their classmates.


Tanaka-kun is always listless‘ is one of the slow paced, slice of life anime, which you will really enjoy due to its chilling vibes and the somewhat relate able Tanaka, who is lazy and listless beyond measure.I would recommend this anime as it can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone.



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