Tied Fate: Lies, Part I

- The New guy

Vacations were over. The students assembled at the basketball court at the sound of the bell. The Principle made announcements about the New Term and about how students should behave properly from day 1 or else there would be severe punishment.

Help the new students find their classrooms. Respect everyone around you. Be Cheerful!

said the Principle, Mr. Drake Jordan. He was a former guitarist and a basketball player. He was an old man, dark toned with wrinkles on his face. He talked the way he dressed up; with style and fashion. He had the swag!

Alright, 10A first.

instructed Mr. Enrik Frank, the History teacher.

The students in 10A proceeded, followed by 10B, 10C and then 11A.

Hey, Cookie! Wait up !

yelled someone from behind.

Cookie turned back. It was her one and only friend since last year’s last term.

Ahh, Cameron! And don’t call me Cookie, It’s Sakura!

replied the Sakura girl, her voice almost a whisper.

Seriously, you should speak a bit louder. I am in the B section like always, so see ya in break times!

said Cameron cheerfully and hopped to her way.

Sakura turned towards opposite direction to where Cameron hopped off to.

Sakura step foot in the class and sat on her usual place; between Amy and Chelisa. The teacher, Mrs. Casdy Trogue, hushed the class and took the attendance. The class was divided. It was a computer lab, so the left side was the girls’ territory and the right side was the boys’. Well, there are always exceptions and this exception was a girl named Sally. She sat with the boys. She had long, light brown, silky hair and was a shortie even after wearing heals!

Aisla Daze.

announced the teacher.


came the reply.

Sakura hated it when the teacher announced full names.

Saif Hamid.
Jessie Parker.
Sakura Ashford.

And so, went on the attendance roll.

Sakura, your last name is so Royal and English!

said Milly, a girl sitting opposite to Sakura.

Well, she is English, dumb!

giggled the other girl sitting next to Milly.
Sakura just looked down on her shaking hands and smiled.

A new student has joined us this year. He is half Japanese, half French. Welcome Kaede Jean.

announced Mrs.Casdy.

Everyone clapped and soon the bell rang.

Wait a minute, sit down, take your timetables before you leave!

The students marched out taking their timetables.

Cameron is giving the local exams so I guess that’s where we part our ways.

thought Sakura looking at her timetable.
She pushed back her orange hair. She had purple highlights. Her hair was cut short. Well, they did not look like a professional haircut. It looked like they had been cut out of anger or madness. The timetable listed her lessons, beginning from Sunday.

First three lessons free, and then Core Mathematics 1 (C1), Mechanics 1 (M1), and then Physics last two lessons !

she said out aloud.

What a great way to start the day!

she spoke cheerfully when she noticed the Japanese French guy standing in the middle of the hallway.
The hallway was arranged with squared lockers on its sides, three in a column. The guy looked helpless. She decided to help him.

Uhmm…Ah Kae-Jean…

she stammered, unable to muster up the courage to talk to him. Her voice was so low, almost inaudible!

It’s my first day in 11th grade, I should stand firm on my ground!

She said to herself angrily and took a step forward.

Excuse me, may I help you?

she asked as her voice trembled a bit, her eyes fixated on his hands -actually, the timetable.
The guy turned around and looked a bit surprised.

I wonder what is she so afraid of…Am I scary?!

Well thank you, Ashford-san. This timetable is very confusing and I don’t know my classes either.

he explained, choosing his words carefully.

What subjects are you taking?

she asked.

Why is he saying my last name?

Mathematics, Physics and Computer Sciences.

he listed.

So, three subjects, great!

she said as she went through his timetable.

Hmm… you have the first lesson occupied … oh wait a minute, you are doing Computer Sciences privately, right? Cuz’ it’s not a school subject, I mean the school doesn’t offer it.

The guy nodded. She was talking clearer now.

Ahh… I see… the first three lessons are free, and then C1 and then M1 and then double physics - That’s the same as mine!

she said in one breath.

So where do we go for these…free lessons?

he asked, unsure what to say next.

I don’t know, that’s why I’m going to ask Sir James.

Sir James? Is he a knight or something?

he joked.

No, that’s just how I call the male teachers, I’m used to it!

Right…so, how long you’ve been here?

he asked as Sakura led the way to Sir James’s office.
Sakura sighed subtly. Why was he asking questions? Couldn’t he just walk in silence? And what’s up with this closeness!


she replied and increased her pace.

Why is she walking so fast?

thought Kaede as he caught up to her.

So, are the teachers good here?

he asked, unsure what to say next.
Sakura suddenly halted. Kaede almost fell on her.

Please, keep a two meters distance between us.

she spoke icily.

Yes, I am sorry.

he replied, taken aback.
Sakura resumed her walking while poor Kaede followed her from a distance.


he thought.

Her orange hair swished back and forth as she walked faster. Kaede kept looking at her back. That was the only thing that intrigued him. She was tall, skinny and she walked in a peculiar style. Where had he seen this kind of walk before? It wasn’t catwalk. It was something else.
The knock on the door, drove him back to reality.

Come in.

he heard Sir James’s voice.
Sakura opened the door, and the two walked in.


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