Visiting the ancient Rohtas Fort

Pakistan has all these tourist spots, its filled with all kinds of cultural hereditary places. As Its located in the subcontinent, it has many old places, which are worth visiting and which give us a glimpse of Pakistan and its history at its best.

It was a college trip. One good decision made by a college is taking the students on a trip, which was rare in our college, but through some miracle it had happened. I got the chance to visit one of these places called Rohtas Fort(Qila rohtas). Well personally I am not good with directions and places at all. So all I remember was sitting on a bus, leaving the clean roads of Islamabad and through some highway and roads, making it to an ancient yet fancy place.


Rohtas fort is located near the city of Jehlum in the province of Punjab in Pakistan. So our bus entered through the really magnificent ancient gate. And they took entry money which was about 20rs for each person.We went to a park type area near the fort, where we were supposed to eat the food we had brought and take a break before we entered and explored the fort, which was at a walking distance from there, pretty close actually.

It was a pretty big place overall. We were accompanied by a guide who was telling us about the fort. The first thing he told before we entered the actual fort, was about the boring history of the ancient place, which no-one payed much heed to.


The only thing I heard was that the bricks of the fort were originally white made with marble, but with the passage of time they had become dark brown. Which also explained the age of this place, and showed that it was very ancient and it was surprising that it is still intact and had become a precious place of history.

We went in, and we went through the whole place and witnessed all the surrounding walls, which were beautifully built. It was on a mountainous region, so the view was beautiful too. While I was busy witnessing the beauty and imagining how this place would’ve been inhabited in history, my classmates had a priority of taking selfies.



Soon we reached this big hole in the ground, it was scary, the guide said it was the pit of death and it was for hanging people. The person was hung in that place as punishment. It looked nothing more than a normal place with a hole to me. in previous times of history, hanging people in a pit may be common practice.

Here’s the pit I saw:

I also went down and captured the inside view which only showed a beam of light though:


There were a lot of places at the fort, like small rooms with domes, and they seemed ancient and interesting. Some of them were located at a good height too. We had to walk a lot to see the different places of the fort.




Between those places was barren land only. The walls and the domes were the most interesting feature I had observed so far. You could see a wide view from that place, and it was really beautiful. By the time we were done exploring that place, It was evening, and somewhat dark.



Witnessing that place left me in complete awe and I would really suggest that if you get the chance and you are in Pakistan, you should visit this place too, it will leave you in awe too, for sure. Its truly wonderful indeed!


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