Want to sit on PM’s chair; become PTI’s supporter

While the security of foreign ministry is claimed to be best yet you can breach it easily by being a tik toker. Recently, a famous tik toker Hareem Shah made a video in foreign ministry and sat on PM Imran Khan’s chair, played few Indian songs and had the time of her life.


Bad publicity is good publicity.

As Hareem Shah tweeted

Still, she should've kept that in mind about the consequences. Not only did she received backlash from PTI supporters,

She also proved that our security is not uptight and that anyone can really just hop in and walk around in highly secured area.

Another issue being raised is that, as we are all well aware of relation between India and Pakistan has never been any good and with Kashmir tragedy going on yet she used Indian songs in background and stroll nonchalantly in foreign ministry.

This all event and her behavior afterwards, having no regret that is, truly proves that she is either absolutely not interested about Pakistan’s current affairs or is absolutely unaware of her surrounding.


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