We are Pakistani; but PTI keeps forgetting it

Recently, in a talk show To the Point on Express with guests Hina Parvez Butt from PML-N, Naeema Kishwar form JUI-F and Usman Dar from PTI along side host Mansoor Ali Khan were having a political discussion when PTI member Usman Dar throws in a joke about Pakhtoon saying

Often Pathan sells blanket of Rs. 50 worth in Rs. 500 and you’ll see, at the end, the same thing will happen to them (Pathan)

Ridiculing the Pakhtoon he kept carrying on but Hina Parvez Butt from PML-N stopped him by saying

I will have to condemn you about saying such words about our fellow Pakhtoon, we are all Pakistani. PM Imran Khan shouldn’t use patriotic and national card only to himself. Such words aren’t just right to use

Anchor Mansoor Ali Khan also condemned Usman Dar saying

Please don’t talk that way about a particular nation.

But Usman Dar kept repeating what he said as if its nothing to be ashamed of and kept cutting off anchor, Hina Parvez Butt from PML-N and Naeema Kishwar form JUI-F by saying

Now be quite and listen to the truth about you.

Anchor Mansoor Ali Khan had to step in again to stop Usman Dar by saying

Both other guests are not appreciating your words, you should take them back

Finally Usman Dar casually said

Alright, I’ll take it back

leaving us with the feeling as if it was nothing to be so agitated on to begin with. But he kept talking about his point nonetheless. All this incident infuriated the nation and specially Pakhtoon, they took it to twitter to rant about such unprofessional behavior of a government personnel.

But PTI supporters are at it again by taking PTI side no matter what they do and honestly this is just sad.


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